10 years since sanction, Longleng road incomplete

Longleng, October 11 (MExN): The Phom Students’ Conference (PSC) has urged contractors of the North East Council road Group B & C (Group A has already begun work) to resume their work in Longleng area with immediate effect.


In a press statement from PSC President, Hongkam D. Ngonyen, and its General Secretary, Lungchem Phom, expressed dismay at the work not being completed even after 10 years of it being sanctioned in 2007.


The PSC has held several meetings with the district administration and the government department concerned to resolve the issue, it informed.


For instance, as per an “agreement made between the Department and the PSC, during the joint meeting held with the department at Deputy Commissioner, at conference Longleng hall on October 28, 2011,” it was ensured that “the work will be completed by March 31, 2013.”


It was also “agreed upon that the firm will be black listed by the department if the contractors failed to complete the work within the time frame and the work is found to be unsatisfactory.”


In that, the PSC stated that it issued another reminder to the department to “implement the work with utmost seriousness and sincerity.” In response, the department assured that work will resume by February 10, 2016.


But all these assurances have not been lived up to.


Now, the PSC has requested the department and contractors to “construct the road as per the specification provided to avoid any sort of misunderstanding and confrontation and complete the work before December 30, 2017.”


It has also requested “all the respective villages to extend full support and cooperation to the contractors till the completion of the work.”