10th Open Basketball Tournament begins

10th Open Basketball Tournament begins
Team Orca (in black jerseys) playing against Team Akelos.(Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Kohima | May 7

The 10th Open Basketball Tournament organised by the Nagaland Basketball Association and Suncity Kohima began on May 7. The much awaited tournament will be held till May 12 with 11 teams competing in this year’s tournament.


The opening of the tournament was graced by Er. Keviletuo Yiese, Addl. Chief Engineer, Department of Power. The 10th OBT theme song by Table 3 was also released during the opening program.


Opening the tournament as the special guest, Er Keviletuo Yiese lauded Suncity for successfully organising OBT over the past years. To organise such events, it takes lots of resources and strength, said Yiese while updating the gathering on how Suncity was formed by a group of young people in 1998.


Recalling the arrival of basketball in Kohima in the late 1970’s, Yiese pointed out the progress of the sports over the years, expressing his amazement to see the standard, talents, skills and techniques improved over the years.


“However, it is a matter of regret since till date, after the introduction of basketball in the State for over four to five decades, we are yet to see any big breakthrough. However, through the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by the youth today, i hope that there would come a time when Naga players are at the national level.” stated Yiese.


Sports and games has been an integral part of human society from time immemorial, viewed Yiese noting that the promotion of sports culture by nations have been the a major objectives because sports and games not only provides enjoyment and entertainment but also exposures and learning.


Further, today with sports and games being taken up as a serious option and alternative for career building, Yiese reminded that the richest people in the world are sportsmen and sportswomen where the highest paid sportspersons earn about 38 million dollars which is more than the budget of a State like Nagaland.


Yiese also stated that sportsmen and sportswomen are entering into various fields including politics, citing the example of R. Singh Rathore, the Union Sports Minister who is a sportsman.


Hence, Yiese challenged and appealed the participating teams to take such platform and build one’s career. ” I would like to appeal you to all dream high because if you dream high, there is always a way to achieve your dream. Do not try to give excuses or the lack of sports facilities or sports infrastructure as the reason not to achieve your dream, ” concluded Yiese.


5 matches were played on the first day.





1st Match – Taurus 74 – 26 Mission Giants
2nd Match – T.M.B 67 – 30
3rd Match – Orca 77 – 43 Akelos
4th Match – Stallions 76 – 62 Ephraim
5th Match – Ophidian 35 – 18 S.Naga Trouncers


Tomorrow’s Fixture (08/05/’18)

First Match will start @1:00 pm. Players have been informed to report by 12:30 pm.

Tomorrow’s matches
1st Match
Cretan Bulls Vs Mission Giants
2nd Match
T.M.B Vs Ephriam
3rd Match
Taurus Vs S. Naga Trouncers
4th Match
Last Kings Vs Orca
5th Match
Stallions Vs Akelos
6th Match
S.Naga Trouncers Vs Cretan Bulls
7th Match
Ephriam Vs Orca