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140 Dengue positive cases in Dimapur

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Dimapur | September 6


As of September 1, 2018, Dimapur has reported a total of 835 dengue cases out of which 140 has been tested positive, said Dr. Imtiwabang Aier, District Vector Borne Officer, Dimapur.


He said that unlike last year when dengue cases started reporting in from August, the first dengue case reported in 2018 was on 21 July from Chumoukedima area which accounts for most of the positive cases. In Dimapur municipal area, the first case was reported on August 10 this year.


He was speaking at the Dengue awareness programme for schools in Dimapur organized by Christian Institute of Health Science & Research (CIHSR), Dimapur at its School of Nursing premises.


He also informed that 357 positive cases were reported during 2017. Dr. Imti reiterated appeal to all private health care institutions which detect dengue cases based on card tests to send samples to the Dimapur District Hospital which has the only functional laboratory in Nagaland for confirmation.


He also informed that Dimapur has only two fogging machines and talked about the difficulty in covering all areas. In this connection, he lauded the Rotary Club for coming forward to carry out fogging in various parts of Dimapur at their own expenses. However, Dr Imti said that fogging could only kill adult mosquitoes and not its larvae. He said mosquito could fly upto 400 metres in search of water filled containers to lay eggs (upto 400 eggs) but usually remains close to human habitation. He informed that the peak period when the female mosquito would bite was early morning and evening before dusk.


He appealed the public to keep their surroundings clean and to clear stagnant waters or keep it covered inside and outside their homes. Dr. Imti also advised the public to use mosquito net (chemical contained in the net can last for five years) supplied by the government to prevent being bitten from the female mosquitoes. He informed that larvivarous fish were distributed free at Dimapur District Hospital and informed the public to avail the opportunity.


Dr. Naro Imchen from CIHSR enlightened the gathering on the symptoms and complications of dengue. She said that most common symptoms of dengue included high fever, headache and muscular and joint pains. She informed that the symptoms appear only 4-10 days after bitten by the female mosquito. Dr Naro said that the mosquito which bites during day time is found mostly in high temperature zones. She cited difficulty in breathing, severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, nose or gum bleeding, blood in urine, stool and vomit as some of the warning signs of progression to severe dengue. Pregnant women, babies, older and obese people, diabetic patients etc were at more risk of contracting the dengue fever, she added.


Informing that there was no specific treatment for dengue fever, Dr. Naro suggested drinking plenty of water and fluids, good rest and intake of Paracetamol to bring down fever and to reduce joint pains.


During the programme, CIHSR Director, Dr. Sedevi Angami also spoke and highlighted on the activities about dengue awareness within the hospital.
Later, representatives of various schools were taken for practical field exposure and mosquito breeding site identification.