Railways to promote small entrepreneurs in big way

New Delhi, July 10 (PTI): The Indian Railways has taken a big step to promote micro and small enterprises by reserving 358 items including cleaning apparatus, stationery and leather items exclusively for procurement from the MSE sector.   Besides, in a relief to the MSEs, the sector has been exempted from paying tender cost and […]

Jio database safe, hackers’ website suspended

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS): With Reliance Jio refuting reports of a breach into its database, the account of the website that claimed to have dumped the data on its platform has now been suspended.   The website, titled magicapk.com, claimed late on Sunday it has hacked into Jio database and has made personal details […]

Royal Jordanian, Kuwait Airways see US laptop ban lifted

DUBAI, July 10 (Reuters): Royal Jordanian and Kuwait Airways are the latest Middle East carriers to be exempted from an in-cabin ban on laptops and other large electronic devices on flights to the United States.   The Jordanian and Kuwaiti airlines join Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airline, which each last week announced […]

‘Orwell Rolls in his Grave’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   The present political condition has once again created a destructive situation that is harmful to the welfare of the people and the society. The legislators are once again at the forefront of the current comical spectacle. A heartening case is that, in their pursuit of power as an end to their […]



“People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.”   Rev. Fr. C. Joseph-Counsellor St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama   Introduction: Almost everybody knows an alcoholic or has one for a relative. We are not innocent about the scars burned into the nation’s heart and bounty by the misuse of alcohol. […]

FOR CONFLICT VICTIMS IN NEPAL: Transitional Justice Remains Elusive

Even though Nepal’s Maoist conflict ended 11 years ago, many of its victims are frustrated, traumatised and haven’t been able to get on with their lives   Marty Logan Inter Press Service   “Reconstruction and reconciliation require finances and physical structure, but the families of the victims of the conflict first and foremost need their […]

50 Cent made Eminem “want to quit rapping”

50 Cent made Eminem “want to quit rapping”

Imagine what the world of rap would have been, if it did not have Eminem in it. The 44-year-old rapper took to Instagram to pay a tribute to his fellow rapper 50 Cent on his birthday and also revealed that there was once a 50 Cent verse so good that it made him consider dropping […]

A Comparative Analysis of Nagaland Legislative Assembly members and the Educated Unemployed in Nagaland

Chothazo Nienu University of Hyderabad   If my assumption is right, and many share my assumption, the constant fight among the elected legislators is a fight for portfolios in the government. This has come about because, and I hope my assumption is right again, there are too many elected legislatures and too less portfolios. In […]


Kahuto Chishi Sumi Akukau, Hevishe Village Khaghaboto Range, Dimapur   What is a Gaonbura? A Gaonbura is an Assamese word meaning a village (gaon) Bura (old man); which signifies a village elder who is, supposedly, wise in the ways of the world, and knowledgeable of the customs and laws of the village and the people. […]

In search of the truth or self-interest

Rev.L.Suohie Mhasi In human societies, passing through bad weather is inevitable. If the people are sincerely to find out the truth and finding out the truth the strife will be ended. If the conflict is for self-interest.   Satisfaction of ambition is the only solution. The solution to any conflict is the truth and true […]