Go The Scientific Way

Go The Scientific Way

Kailalamuan Singphun Asst. Prof. Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama   Science is a systematized body of knowledge and the western thinkers made a singular contribution to the world by way of thinking in a scientific way. Logic is the basis of science. We can reach correct conclusions by pursuing our intellectual endeavour in a scientific […]

Knock, Knock!

Is it not time to reject the Naga house that is built on sand? Let’s build the Naga house on solid rock!   Life in Nagaland is fast becoming more distressing day by day. The pathetic state of affairs, which includes the corrupt and visionless political leaders, lack of basic functioning infrastructure, a ‘politically correct’ […]

Tired of war, S. Sudan youth turn to art to push for peace

Andreea Campeanu Reuters South Sudanese activists are using music, poetry, theater, comedy, dance and fashion to preach tolerance in the world’s youngest nation which has been divided by years of civil war.   South Sudan won independence from Sudan in 2011 but descended into war in 2013 after President Salva Kiir fired his deputy Riek […]

Does the Bible say about Cashless Society?

Dr. Tseibu Rutsa   For some years Bible scholars have been warning that mobile phones will play a part in the “Mark of the Beast.” We know that the modern world just cannot function without the mobile phones. Every aspect of people’s live is being controlled by this device. Society is leaving cash behind. We […]

Tennis ball-sized ‘diamond in the rough’ too big to sell

Tennis ball-sized ‘diamond in the rough’ too big to sell

TORONTO, July 17 (Reuters): In the mysterious world of diamond mining, it turns out that some stones are too big to sell. Canada’s Lucara Diamond Corp will have to cut its tennis ball-sized rough diamond to find a buyer, industry insiders say, following Sotheby’s failed auction for the world’s largest uncut stone last summer.   […]

Google wins fight over gender pay gap data

San Francisco, July 17 (IANS): Nearly two months after reports surfaced saying Google tried to restrict media coverage of a gender discrimination case, the tech giant has emerged triumphant in its fight with the US Department of Labour over supplying pay gap data.   According to a report in Engadget late on Sunday, an administrative […]

Why is SKorea pushing for talks with NKorea?

Why is SKorea pushing for talks with NKorea?

SEOUL, July 17 (AP): Less than two weeks after North Korea’s first intercontinental ballistic missile test, South Korea’s new president has offered to hold talks at the tense border separating the two Koreas in what would be the rivals’ first face-to-face meeting since late 2015.   President Moon Jae-in’s overture Monday clearly showed again that […]

China’s graft buster attacks ‘unhealthy’ political culture

BEIJING, July 17 (Reuters): China’s top graft-buster launched a scathing attack on the ruling Communist Party’s members on Monday, writing that party political culture remained “unhealthy” and governance weak even after five years of renewed effort to fight the problem.   The comments by Wang Qishan, who runs the party’s anti-corruption watchdog, came after sources […]

Artificial sweeteners may up obesity & heart disease risk

Toronto, July 17 (IANS): Worried about your ever increasing waistline? Cut down the use of artificial sweeteners as they may be associated with long-term weight gain and increased risk of obesity, a study has warned. Artificial sweeteners are substitutes for sugar that provides a sweet taste like that of sugar while containing significantly less food […]

Tweaking brain circuits may alleviate depression

New York, July 17 (IANS): In a ray of hope for people suffering from social withdrawal and helplessness behaviour, scientists from the University of California San Diego have linked specific wiring in the brain to distinct behavioural symptoms of depression. The team found brain circuits tied to feelings of despair and helplessness and were able […]

‘Every organisation will go digital by 2030’

New Delhi, July 17 (IANS): By 2030, every organisation will be a digital organisation and businesses need to start thinking now about how to become future-proof in their infrastructure and India is not an exception, said Rajesh Janey, President and Managing Director, India Enterprise, Dell EMC.   A report published by Dell Technologies forecasts that […]

Canon launches ‘EOS 6D Mark II DSLR’ camera in India

Canon launches ‘EOS 6D Mark II DSLR’ camera in India

New Delhi, July 17 (IANS): Aiming to bring a “sense of genius” in photography, digital imaging company Canon India on Monday unveiled ‘EOS 6D Mark II,’ a new camera to become part of its ‘EOS full-frame DSLR’ line.   Featuring 26.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor, the camera delivers clear images even under low-light conditions and its […]

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