‘Locky’ is largest malware campaign in 2017

New York, September 3 (IANS): Locky ransomware’s re-emergence with new email distribution campaign has been touted as one of the largest malware campaigns in the latter half of 2017, the media reported. The ransomware, once considered almost defunct, sent over 23 million emails with the malware to the US workforce in just 24 hours on […]

Exclusive domain of the Union govt needs to be pushed back

Exclusive domain of the Union govt needs to be pushed back

Garga Chatterjee   On August 24, the Supreme Court of India ruled that privacy was a fundamental right of a citizen. The hearing was triggered by the Union government’s mass biometric registration programme of citizens as part of the Aadhaar programme. Through the unanimous 9-0 ruling of its full bench, the Supreme Court basically trashed […]

‘Tragedy of Commons’ in Nagaland

Moa Jamir Two social risks, among many others, are confronting Nagaland today – corruption and environmental degradation. While the former has already entrenched in the society, the latter is catching up fast having serious negative implication for the future. These risks, interlinked at assorted level, are gradually attaining permanent status particularly in the urban landscapes. […]

India: Code of silence makes death more likely for avictims

Matthew Ponsford Thomson Reuters Foundation   Women who are assaulted in India are 40 times more likely to die from their injuries than their U.S. counterparts, with social factors mostly to blame for the gaping disparity, according to research released on August 31.   The researchers at the University Of Washington said they compared survival […]

Three Solutions for Water and Sanitation for All

Oyun Sanjaasuren Inter Press Service   This week people gather from around the globe at the annual Stockholm World Week. If previous years are anything to go by, the “Water is life” cliché will be repeated endlessly. But the phrase is useful shorthand for this simple fact: water is the cornerstone of human health and […]

The Corrosion of Naga Society

The Corrosion of Naga Society

Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) was an Irish novelist, play-writer and poet and he wrote some of the most celebrated novels, plays and poems of the 18th century. But apart from his novels, plays and poems, Goldsmith is also most remembered for being the architect of some of the most profound proverbs of all times. Over the […]

Venkaiah Naidu calls for early conclusion of convention on terrorism

Hyderabad, September 3 (IANS) India is keen to see the conclusion of convention on the suppression of international terrorism without further delay in view of the growing incidents of terrorism, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Sunday.   Addressing the 78th Session of International Institute of Law at NALSAR University of Law here, he […]

Cabinet reshuffle done with eye to 2019 Lok Sabha polls

New Delhi, September 3 (IANS) The Union Cabinet’s reshuffle and expansion on Sunday saw elevation of those seen as performing while sending out a political message on BJP’s intention to expand its footprint in south and eastern India with an eye to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.   It also sought to keep caste and […]

Frankfurt evacuates 60,000 people before defusing massive WWII bomb

Frankfurt evacuates 60,000 people before defusing massive WWII bomb

Firefighters and police officers observe the evacuation of Sister Sigrid’s nursery home for homeless people as 60,000 people in Germany’s financial capital are about to evacuate the city while experts defuse an unexploded British World War Two bomb found during renovations on the university’s campus in Frankfurt, Germany, September 3, 2017. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach   FRANKFURT, […]

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