Here are 2017’s top 5 superhero movies we’re looking forward to

Here are 2017’s top 5 superhero movies we’re looking forward to

After Deadpool, a new Captain America movie, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman and Doctor Strange came to theatres this year, here’s a look at some of the superheroes heading to the big screen in 2017.


Here are our top 5 most-anticipated movies of 2017. Get pumped




Hugh Jackman is set to play Wolverine for the ninth and final time in this third and last X-Men spin-off dedicated to the mutant with metal claws. Inspired by the Old Man Logan comic book, this installment appears to be more violent than its predecessors.


Wonder Woman

A superhero movie with a female director and a female lead has got to be a first. The origins of the famous Amazonian superheroine — less well-known that those of her male counterparts — are the subject of this movie directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster). Seen this spring in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot will be back playing Wonder Woman, this time accompanied by Chris Pine and Robin Wright.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Since Tobey Maguire hung up his cape after Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and Andrew Garfield stepped down after Marc Webb’s pair of The Amazing Spider-Man movies, it’s Tom Holland who will be stepping into Spider-Man’s costume for this latest movie. Seen at the beginning of the year in Captain America: Civil War, next summer sees the superhero go up against the Vulture, an enemy played by Michael Keaton. Thanks to a new partnership between Marvel and Sony, Robert Downey Jr will also star in the movie, in the role of Iron Man.



Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel’s Norse god returns in fall 2017 for a third adventure which sees him cross paths with a powerful and mysterious adversary played by Cate Blanchett. Chris Hemsworth will once again take the lead role in a star cast featuring Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba.



Justice League

The DC Comics heroes are joining forces to battle a fearsome enemy. The movie brings together Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) in the same production. The movie also introduces Aquaman (Jason Momoa), ahead of his solo movie coming 2018, and the actor JK Simmons, in the role of Commissioner Gordon.


Source: AFP