Nagas – The way forward

Athong Makury Nagas have been struggling for more than seventy years to be a free people and to exercise our sovereign rights. However, till date the struggle to chart our own destiny continues amidst the gathering storm. Among other reasons, I have identified here four aspects for the failure on our part. All these aspects […]

On Being a Naga

Dr. Temsula Ao   It is ‘a complex fate’ being a Naga. But in our context, it is a double edged sword because the complexity lies not only in the way ‘outsiders’ view us but also in the way we see ourselves…. Being a Naga has never been easy for us. The mystique and negative […]

Respecting Nature & Social Responsibility

Dr. Esther Konyak A study of human interaction with the natural world or, in other words, the interaction between culture and nature deepens our understanding of how we have been affected by the natural environment in the past, and also how we have affected the environment and with what results. How did this interaction between […]

Rural women in India, elderly in Japan open their homes to Airbnb guests

Rural women in India, elderly in Japan open their homes to Airbnb guests

Guests at a homestay in India’s Gujarat state, where a partnership between Airbnb and local women’s organisation SEWA is opening up rural homes to guests from across the world. Handout picture courtesy of Self Employed Women’s Association. (REUTERS Photo)   Mobile apps are helping to curb migration to cities and revitalise remote communities   MUMBAI, […]

Pfizer ends research for new Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s drugs

NEW YORK, January 8 (Reuters): Pfizer Inc is abandoning research to find new drugs aimed at treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, the U.S. pharmaceutical company announced on Saturday.   The company said it expects to eliminate 300 positions from the neuroscience discovery and early development programs in Andover and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Groton, Connecticut, as […]

Indian-origin chemist discovers new recipe for early life

Indian-origin chemist discovers new recipe for early life

New York, January 8 (IANS) A team of chemists led by an Indian-origin researcher at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have developed a fascinating new theory for how life on Earth may have begun.   The experiments demonstrate that key chemical reactions that support life today could have been carried out with ingredients likely present […]

NCP legislator, 4 Independents to join Congress in Meghalaya

Shillong, January 8 (IANS) NCP legislator Marthon Sangma and four other Independent legislators, are set to join Meghalaya’s ruling Congress to contest the upcoming assembly polls, a party leader said on Monday.   The move of the five legislators to join Congress is significant after seven of its legislators had resigned as members of the […]

We’re not here to only enjoy fruits: Nitish tells politicians

Jammu, January 8 (PTI) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today offered a piece of advice to politicians, like him, some of whom after becoming a part of the government unfortunately forget to serve people and think they are there to “only enjoy fruits”.   Addressing party workers in Jammu city, Kumar said those in politics […]

Cyber threats need highest priority: Modi to top cops

Tekanpur, January 8 (MP), Jan 8 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday told police and security agencies that “highest priority” should be given to dealing with cyber security threats and technology could be used to pinpoint problem areas of radicalisation of youth.   “Cyber security issues should be dealt with immediately, and should receive […]