Quiz #117

  1. National Statistics Day is celebrated every year on: a) June 26 b) June 27 c) June 28 d) June 29   2. According to recent the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI)’s National Health Profile Report, Nagaland spent ……. of its total state expenditure on health. a) 5.9% b) 2.97% c) 3.45% d) […]

A ‘Fishy’ Business

A ‘Fishy’ Business

Limala Longchar, Assistant Professor, Department of English.   The Government of India, under the Ministry of Consumer Affair started JagoGrahakJago, a consumer awareness programme. As a part of this initiative, the government has used multiple channels to create consumer awareness through Print Media Advertisement, Audio Campaign, and Video Campaign. As a child, I remember tuning […]

Backdoor – A Necessary Evil

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir While the ‘beneficiaries’ of backdoor ensures a ‘future’ for themselves, one may give a thought for those who are denied of their right to prove their worth through the right door. Further one may even think about the kind of emotions that must be going through in their minds. Seeing the current […]

Chronicling the crumbling of ‘ivory tower leadership’

IANS A new order of leadership has emerged around the world which is “transient” in nature and dependent on “the issues of the day”, a just-published book edited by a leading Indian American expert in reliability engineering, says.   “There may still exist leaders in the traditional sense such as presidents, prime ministers, lawmakers, CEOs, […]

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