25th anniversary of Spero Meliora concludes

25th anniversary of Spero Meliora concludes
Overall champion LSU pose for camera during 25th anniversary of Spero Meliora 2017 on October 7.


Our Correspondent
Kohima | October 7


A two day long 25th anniversary of Spero Meliora 2017 under the aegis of Kohima Village Students’ Union (KVSU) and Dolphin Club Kohima concluded here this evening at Kohima Village Council Hall. Held under the theme “Break the ice and steal a march”, the two day long Spero Meliora was marked by solo, debate, essay, cultural song, painting, sketching, spelling bee and quiz. Kohima Village Council chairman Dr. Neiphi Kire graced the valedictory function and gave away prize to the winners.



SOLO: 1st – Menuolenuo Linyii (LSU); 2nd – Vivonuo Belho (TSU)
DEBATE (KVSU LEVEL): 1st – Vimethanuo Rutsa (PSU); 2nd – Visazo Mepfhiio (LSU)
ESSAY: 1st – Menuosatuo Mepfhiio (LSU); 2nd – Vivotsonuo Sorhie (LSU)
PAINTING: 1st – Neiketouzo Keyho (PSU); 2nd – Diezedilhou Pienyii (DSU)
SKETCHING: 1st – Pelevituo Kire (DSU); 2nd – Kepebeinyii Rame (PSU)
DEBATE (NASU LEVEL): 1st – Kiyakhrienuo Solo (KVSU): 2nd – Visier Yashii (Dihoma)
SPELLING BEE: 1st – Chathavinuo Suohu (TSU); 2nd – Neimenuo Yiese (DSU)
QUIZ: 1st – Kikruneinuo Linyii & Kesoneinuo Kelio (LSU); Joint 2nd – Keviguonuo Pienyü & Diezedilhou Pienyii (DSU) Rüdilhounuo Mere & Kevineizo Mere (PSU)