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A alternative suggestion to State Govt on requisition of private vehicles for elections

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon

In addition to the insurmountable sufferings of the citizens in Nagaland state starting from horrible public infrastructure to salaries to scholarships….. the poor citizens in Nagaland are yet again tormented with another burden in the form of requisition of private vehicles under various circumstances by the Government.


As per the Representation of the People Act, 1951, the State Governments are empowered to requisition premises or any vehicle or vessel in connection with an election in that State. Whenever a vehicle is requisitioned, the owner of the vehicle shall be paid compensation by the State Government, determined on the basis of the fares or rates prevailing in the locality for the hire of such a vehicle.


SOLUTION/SUGGESTION – Government of Nagaland, RTO has given thousands of COMMERCIAL LICENSES! Government can simply take the list of 1000 or 2000 commercial vehicles and hire them in bulk by giving notices to the owners through RTO.


This way it is WIN-WIN for all –

1. Citizens are not harassed unnecessarily,


2. Government gets the required number of bulk vehicles at the prevailing rates


3. Commercial vehicles and taxi owners don’ have to struggle daily shouting ‘DIMAPUR JAWO? KOHIMA JAWO?’


JAWI EK MOINA KARNE 🙂 Chuti lowi ek moina kaarne and get paid in bulk!!!


Hope our Government take note of this alternative and make an effort to utilize the Commercial licenses which the Government itself has given out without rubbing citizens the wrong way, despite the fact that the RPA, 1951 empowers the Government to requisition any vehicle.


Mark Athung Ngullie

There are enough taxis plying all over nagaland especially dimapur and kohima. Now yhe question remains why private vehicles? those with good connections gets released and those without one will have tk bear the brunt. best is the given sugession. 1. taxis comprising of altos and sumos plying between dimapur to the rest of the districts including manipur and assam which should be suffificient. 2. private vehicles plying on hire . if the dc wants to know where to find them, go to golaghat road where there are bus counters and manipur travellin counter. Also if incase if non cooperation from the commercial vehicles, the rto has the right to question why their license should not be suspended.


Visa Sanchu

Does anyone know how many vehicles are needed for election duty?? And how many Nl 10 vehicles are there in our state??


We have a total of 60 constituencies and even if 1 constituency needs 100 vehicles, for total 60 constituencies it will come around 6000 only. If I’m not mistaken the Govt. have more than 6000 Nl 10 vehicles.


Peter Rutsa

Commercial vehicles are already getting listed for requisition by the district administration and transport authorities. But it should be understood that all public transport like buses, taxis or commercial vehicles like trucks and pickup trucks cannot be seized. For in such a scenario public services and mobility will be effected severely.


I am sure govt registered vehicles are also getting requisitioned routinely off the road, but clearly enough is not getting listed.


Private vehicles have to be added to the commercial and government registered vehicles by any means. However if it is to be so, the authorities should spare the ordinary citizens vehicles. The small cars, medium cars and average SUVs.


Requisition of private vehicles should start from imported vehicles (we all know what kind of people own them) and those private vehicles with price tags above 15 lakhs. Without doubt, the owners of luxurious vehicles are usually the people who benefit from the government the most. Let such people give back to the government. If not seize private vehicles that are owned by government servants or retired government servants.


Let polling officers travel in style!

Thoughts for Nagaland this New Year

Richard Belho

Time to think why we are getting shallow with our thinking. Our Shortcut mindset is responsible. For any Situation, our mind cannot think deeper than the surface level. Just imagine how the story in our land goes..


Bake a cake = Chef

Buy a digital Camera= Photographer

Construct a Building = Contractor

Get First Class Contractor membership= First class Contractor

Decorate a Wedding = Wedding Planner

Organise a Picnic = Event Manager

Manage a sound system at a function=Sound Engineer

Design a Building on Computer = Architect

Participate in a Procession= Social Activist

Donate some money = Social Worker

Learn how to write Project Report= Consultant

Take an Item and sells it at high price= MBA

Rent a room and put some furniture and signboard= NGO

Organise Fund Raise = Club

Go ask politicians money on behalf of constituency = Party worker

Get Theology degree= New Ministry

Church Jubilee = New Church

Educated Unemployed=Oxymoron


Publish a book= Writer

Write an article = Journalist

Publish your thoughts = Intellectual

Talk about Leadership = Mentor

Come back from Abroad = Expert in Naga Problem

Get Govt Job = Good Marriage material

Get Private Job = Unemployed

Open a Shop = Entrepreneur

Participate in a fashion show = Super Model

Stitches two piece of cloth together = Fashion Designer

Paints something and price it very high = Artist

Small time Thief = Shame for Community

Big time Thief = Pride of Community

Corruption = Since everybody is involved, case dismissed

Huge Church Donation = God will give double

Honest Income of congregation 1 crore = 10% tithe 10 crore

Own Building in commercial area = Businessman

Dinner and food packs = more honest than selling Lottery

Student Leader = Can organise bandhs easily

Youth Leader = More useful during Election

Tribal Leaders = Not Tribe Elders anymore

Village Leaders = Retired Govt Officials (upgraded from Church Deacon)

Pastor = A theologian who has not traveled abroad

Sports meet = Drinking and Eating all day

Easter Picnic = Romance Season

New Year = Accident cases

Wedding = Deficit Season for two family

Police = keeps catching guys smuggling spasmo proxyvon to manipur but rarely Alcohol supplied to Nagaland

Forest Department = deals only with trees and not Wild Animals

RD Department = Village Bank

IBIs= Threat to Naga Population but solution for Naga Laziness

Marwaris = You have to earn enough money to know that they exist

SHGs = Central Govt Funds somewhere

Private Schools = kick out all weak students for 100% pass, appeared 3 pass 3 hence 100%

Govt Schools = Don’t know which problem to tackle first.

BRO = appears to be doing something all the time on the road other than repairing roads properly

GREF = keeps writing stupid Quotes everywhere.

NL 07 = The vehicle that can drive on the pavement and create double, triple line

Red gypsy = Future DC

VIP cars = Angry Bodyguards, appears to be rushing to sign some papers for the welfare of the Public

Potholes = The Biggest issue Nagas can think of.

Election campaign = Money Distribution

Honesty = taking money from only one candidate

RTI = Income generation avenue

IRB women battalion = Only single ladies please

Prohibition=All panshops sell mineral water

Lounge = You can order food too

Whatsapp = suddenly we realised we had so much Junks to share.

Facebook = Keeping Nagas busy doing nothing


Well, you can also share your own observation too. At the end of the day, a lot of Reflection is needed for us to grow.
P.S. This post is not intended to target anyone but just random musings about the situation in our land. Apologies if some are offended.

Edited: Interesting Observations pouring in. Please remember that this ranting is just a satirical observation from the ‘Surface Level’, an assumption in a stereotypical fashion. It is just a Food for thought to see if we as a society think deeper than this. Of course, this does not apply to everyone but imagine How we as a Society fares when we just thrive at Surface level. For those who find this as Negative, Obviously this is meant to be a negative post and the whole intention is to evoke a counter criticism.