Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Otherwise who will represent the public?

• Yes. Political parties in Nagaland are the most foolish, slave people in the world. They want the public to serve Indians as slaves. They just can’t boycott/defer election. What a pity for the foolishness of narrow minded Naga people of Nagaland.

• Yes, all the apex Naga civil bodies including all political parties attended n declared the deeds of affirmation to support solution before election.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• Not anymore. Ever since they were co-opted and used by politicians and bureaucrats these organisations have lost the respect of the public and no longer can say that they represent the will of the public. In one way these organisations be it tribe or civil society or watchdogs like acaut, they are very lucky because the public is ignorant of many of the backdoor deals that they are doing with their political masters.

• No. In the name of tribes and Naga, so many organizations have come up. But not all of them represent the people.

• No. Most of the tribal and civil society organizations have taken money and favors from the government, politicians, bureaucrats and Naga Political Groups. They are no longer on their own free will.

• No. What happen to clean election now? Where they gag by money? Money is a rich men’s world. So is our church leaders who shouted for clean election just few days back.

• No, they don’t represent the will of the people. Their claims on media that have represent the will of the people is anything but true. They are not directly elected by the people in the first place, secondly most of their elections are shrouded in mystery. The people don’t know how they are elected. Forming an organisation using the word Naga doesn’t necessarily mean they represent the people and their will. To represent the will of the people they have to consult the people on important issues of concern which they never do it. Occupying positions of power doesn’t give them to say or do whatever they want in the name of the people.

• No. They are dictated by UGs who do not listen to the public.

• No. These days the Civil society are not bold enough to speak the truth, they are scared to speak and face the reality. So they don’t represent the will of the public.

• NO. They are only after money.

• No. Only Publicity.

• No. They are also politically biased.

• No. Most of them self appointed with political agenda. They are not my representatives.

• No, because the leaders take the decision as their own without the consent of the public and after it is enforce they will call a meeting and advice the public to follow their decisions.

• Big no, the present Tribal hohos leader are only after money and play dirty politics for their own personal gain. Tribal leader are no more public leader most of the leader involve in dirty politics.

• No. Most of them are following the orders of the people in power. Further quashing the basic rights of the public.

• No. Back then the elders voiced out the common will of the people. The community and the general needs were always put before all personal needs but things are in reverse mode now. The people have lost faith in most Org. The mushrooming of Org. also seem to dilute the trust people have in these Org. since they are all “problem specific” Org. which may sometimes be personally or politically motivated. Most Organisations do not voice out the public voice anymore.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Yes, as we can hear them shouting. No, if we can hear their activity.

• I think only Village council represent the will of the people because there is a democratic process through which they are nominated and elected.

• Technically yes but in reality a big NO.

• Tribal apex bodies, yes. Civil society organizations, no. The former represents collective will of the whole while the later represent the will of a part of the whole.

• It is not the tribal and civil society organizations that have failed. It is the people who are leading these organizations that have messed up. The blame should not go to the institutions themselves but the leaders must own up and take responsibility.