Clean Church treasury before Clean Election


Diezepehe Village, Dimapur


The campaign for clean election is a very noble and a legitimate initiative. And it must be supported by all sensible and enlightened citizens who want to see positive change, development and progress in our State.


The Church, biblical has been authorised and given the responsibility to make our Lord’s “Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is heaven”. Therefore the Church also has the right to spearhead such campaign.


But according to the writer’s observation, before the Church plunge into this colossal responsibility of cleaning up the highly corrupted election process and practices, it first needs to ‘Clean its Treasury.’


Most churches in our state are plagued by the influx of ill gotten and corrupted money into their treasuries through varied means of tithes, donation, contribution etc.


This may be one of the reasons why the churches have become so ineffective, dull and lethargic without any semblance of life and dynamism. So much so that she has lost her moral and spiritual authority over her congregations. (It is her members who auction their votes to the highest bidder, indulge in violence during election… etc)


Almost all potential and suspected corrupt officials and leaders are members of her congregation. Instead of reigning in and checking on these suspicious people, the church bows before them and gives them the highest honour.


Sadly, many times the church goes around with her begging bowl (as if we serve a poor God) seeking for generous donations and contributions for varied forms of developmental works, events and celebrations invariable and indirectly encouraging more corruption.


One need not be a rocket scientist to ascertain a corrupt official or a politician. A government official is actually a mere public servant drawing rather a modest salary as compared to the corporate world.


From where in the world can he/she construct/ accumulate such mansions, properties and wealth? Most bureaucrats’ properties in Nagaland are highly disproportionate to their actual earnings.


Let’s talk about politicians now. They actually can be compared to social workers. Indeed, politics is a very noble job. Politicians are supposed to be people who work for the welfare and the well being of the society at the expense of their comfort and well being.


But the picture here in our state is nothing near to that. Politicians are the most powerful and richest people who live ultra luxurious lives far away from the eyes and reach of the common people. (Of course they are more visible these days as election is approaching).


How I wish I am wrong! But the church today has become guilty of being “fed fat” and “obese” by the inflow of corrupted money from a number of means and channels.


This is reason why the church is drowsy, crawling and mumbling, “Not Alert, Active and Authoratitive” permeating her great influence beyond the church premises.


Therefore, it is pertinent that before the church campaigns for clean election it first needs to clean its treasury!
Radical and practical measures ought to be implemented with great urgency to check and stop corrupted and unaccounted money coming into the church.


Only then can we see a more effective and wholesome church positively impacting and curbing the corrupt systems and practices of the world.


“You are the salt of the earth…you are the light of the world.” Mathew 5:13 & 14.