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106 year old mission hospital continues to serve

Front view of the Impur Christian Hospital.


June 3, 2018 is Impur Christian Hospital Sunday

Medical team treating a patient at ICH.


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Impur Christian Hospital (ICH) Impur Christian Hospital (ICH), the oldest Mission Hospital in Nagaland, was established as a charitable dispensary in 1912 by American missionaries with Dr. James R. Bailey as the first doctor.


The dispensary was initially located at a hillock near the boundary with Mopungchuket Village, 16 Kms away from Mokokchung Town.

The dispensary built by American missionaries.


Later, the temporary dispensary was shifted to a place just below the present hospital building and it served as the site for the healing ministry till 1954.

The vacated old Bangalow now preserved as a Heritage building.


When the American Missionaries vacated one of the first Missionary Bungalows built in 1895, the hospital was shifted there and it was later upgraded to a 30 bedded hospital in 1955. In 1976, the hospital was shifted to the present location. The vacated old Bungalow is currently preserved as a Heritage building.


The present hospital site was selected in 1968, and Dr, K.V. Dodgson of Jorhat Christian Hospital designed this new building. The Hospital was shifted from the remodeled Bangalow to the permanent new and existing Hospital building dedicating it on December 17, 1976.


The ICH was progressively established to promote and strengthen delivery of health care services; provide care and support for the elderly citizen, palliative care and outreach services; develop Human resources for health in para medical services; and help develop Impur as a ‘Spiritual Sanctuary.’


Today, this 106 year old hospital has expanded and developed in providing better health care services and moving towards fulfillment of its Mission Statement- “To channel a holistic ministry of healing providing physical and spiritual healing and mental well-being and improve the quality of life regardless of color, culture, creed, religion or gender and continue the healing Ministry of God.”

The under construction Impur Christian Hospital building.


At present, the hospital has strength of 18 staff, including a doctor and team of nurses and other workers. It has dedicated power supply with backup generator and deep bore well has been installed to augment the PHED water supply.


The hospital was managed by the Council of Baptist Churches North East India (CBCNEI) Guwahati, after the American missionaries left Impur. In the year 2015, on February 17, Ao Baptist Convention (ABAM) took over the Impur Christian Hospital with the vision to make a “Center for Healing Ministry of ABAM.” Since then, it is managed by a Board of Trustee appointed by ABAM.


Over the last few years back, ABAM has designated the first Sunday of June every year as Impur Christian Hospital Sunday and all churches under the Convention are called to observe the day with special prayer for the hospital. This year June 3 has been designated as the Impur Christian Hospital Sunday.


“We have seen and experienced tremendous support in terms of material and man-power. The Hospital has started function in a better and efficient manner with these supports and having a day of special prayer for the hospital is very encouraging,” said Dr. Sashimeren Aier, chairman, Board of Trustee, ICH.


To augment the shortage of space owing to dilapidated condition of the existing hill type building of the hospital, a modern three storied RCC building is under construction funded by NEC. The hospital complex consist of OPD area comprising of reception, pharmacy, patients waiting hall, consultation room, nursing station and laboratory, imaging rooms etc, Administrative block comprising of offices, conference hall, Counselling rooms. In-patients block with four wards of five beds each and one nursing station. A well planned OT Station with ICU.


“The new building is almost on the verge of completion. We are hopeful that it will be complete by the end of 2018,” Dr. Sashimeren added.


The ICH at present is able to provide services for OPD & Indoor Patient services; Day Care Centre for Recovering Psychiatric Patients; Emergency services d. Referral and Ambulance Services; Laboratory and Diagnostic Services: Laboratory services including Pathology and Microbiology, X-Ray, ECG; Drugs and Pharmacy; Ancillary and support services: Nursing Services; Specialty/Super specialty medical camps; Outreach camps etc.


The hospital is also providing Vocational Courses for the school dropouts, rural lay persons and health care enthusiasts ranging from 3 months to 10 months on spoken English and communication skill; Assistant Midwifery and Anatomy and Physiology; Bedside Assistant and Community Health Care.


Dr. Sashimeren mentioned that ICH has trained more than 50 women and most of them are now working in private and other health care centre. Similar training will be also introduced for men, he added.


A Palliative Care Centre was launched at the Impur Christian Hospital on September 28, 2017. The Centre is dedicated in the memory of Dr. Uzelie Peseyie, the first Naga Doctor at the Impur Christian Hospital during 1935-36.


The Hospital plans to develop a centre of specialty in field of Medical Science; develop a high class training and research institute on health care and public health areas; and also develop Impur as a place where the elderly will find peace and solace.


“The dream is to make ICH a specialty in the future,” Dr. Sashimeren shared while adding that “it aims to become better and better.”