Scabies in dogs and its zoonotic importance

Scabies in dogs and its zoonotic importance

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Scabies is a skin infection disease of dog of all age groups caused by external parasitic infestation of mites of the species Sarcoptesscabiei. It is a highly transmissible disease that may spread from one infected dog toother healthy dogs and even to human beings and thus is zoonotic in nature. The mites infest the skin and causes severe skin infection leading to secondary bacterial and fungal infection.

Signs and Symptoms of Scabies Infection in Dog

1.Loss of appetite, weak, depress and loss of weight.

2. Excessive hair fall.

3. Intense pruritus at ear margins,face,legs and chest region.

4. Constant itching and rubbing of body surfaces against surrounding objects.

5. Inflammation of skin with serous exudates.

6. In severely affected dog the body exhibit sour odour.

Some Steps to Prevent Scabies Infection in your Dog

1. Always keep the dog shed dry and clean.

2. Feed well balance nutritious diet.

3. Daily brush and groom your dog.

4. Bath your dog at least once a week with quality dog soap and shampoo.

5. Daily cleaning of the dog food and water utensils.

6. Regular and timely deworming and vaccination.

7. Isolation of the infected dog.

8. Yearly health check-up of dog.

In case of any suspected Scabies infection in your pet dog, the owner should immediately consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre along with the infected dog for early diagnosis and proper treatment.