63rd KVSA Meet from today

63rd KVSA Meet from today
Preparations for the KVSA Meet in Kohima on January 12. (Morung Photo)


Kohima to witness 1st night sports extravaganza


Our Correspondent
Kohima | January 12

The state capital Kohima will witness the first night time inaugural extravaganza in sports activity in Kohima on January 13 as the opening ceremony of the 63rd Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) meet 2018 with Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) as host, will take place at Khuochiezie (Kohima Local Ground) from 5:20 pm onwards.


KVSA meet, started in 1944, is the oldest sports meet in the North East India.


Addressing a press conference here today, KVYO president Medozhatuo Rutsa invited the denizens of Kohima to come and witness the inaugural extravaganza.


He said the opening ceremony will not only recognize and provide a platform to the sportspersons of Kohima village but also highlight the talent of the youth in the different fields.


KVYO vice president Dziivinguzo Mepfhiio said since the KVSA meet first started at Thevokemouzie in 1944, the KVSA meet torch will be brought from there to Khuochiezie by 11 torch bearers.


Around 1500 youth will take part in the opening ceremony, which will be marked by choral presentations, lighting of 63rd KVSA flame, drill display, special melodies, shadow act (Zhowe Riile) and talent display.


100 youth will also sing KVSA theme song entitled “Kewhimia”. Mengu Suokhrie, Virie, DGP band and other renowned and upcoming musicians will be part of special melodies event.


Mepfhiio said that Shadow Act (Zhowe Riile) will depict how the KVSA meet started in 1944.


For Kohima village, this is not only a sports meet but a festival for the village where everyone can come together in one platform and enjoy the festivities.


Our forefathers have started this event since 1944 to let the village grow closer and understand each other better through sporting activities, said Rutsa.


Dr. Neiphi Kire, chairman Kohima Village Council will be the main guest at the opening ceremony.


In the opening ceremony, greetings will be shared by KVYO president Medozhatuo Rutsa while KVYO games & sports secretary Neilazetuo Khezhie will administer oath to the participating teams.


After speech from the main guest, Kohima village head GB Medo-o Keretsii will pronounce traditional blessings.


The week long meet will be marked by athletics, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, wrestling, cross country race. Around 400 sportspersons will vie for the coveted titles.


Er. Keviletuo Yiese, president Kohima Village Gazetted Officer Association will be the guest of honour at closing ceremony on January 19.