A Quantum Leap

In this defining moment such as the present, Nagas have no other option but to transcend the past and the present and to confront with the realities of the future to create a society that is truly worth living in. History will judge whether the Nagas of today are willing to cast aside their fears and insecurity and to decisively live in a world of reality, of ambiguity and turmoil, but also a world of hope and life. Perhaps it could begin by setting free the prophetic imagination!
Nagas need to muster moral courage and political will to decisively refuse to be paralyzed by fear and despair. Nagas must face up to reality, acknowledge one’s own self-destructiveness and proactively act to contain its consequences, guided by a respectful vision for the future. Through political action, Nagas have to begin the difficult process of transforming negative energy into a constructive force that builds bridges within and without, by creating value-based alternatives.
The challenge is to actually do something, instead of remaining complacent. It is to start engaging with the politics of hope. Recognizing the interconnected web of life, there must be a commitment to extend oneself for the benefit of another. It demands moving to higher ground. The higher ground is not just about a stronger level of commitment, but a higher degree of involvement in the issues that affect your life. A nation simply does not change by changing political leaders, but by careful and thoughtful reflection that attains realization and understanding that at the end of the day, it is about living a dignified life.
Nagas must grabble with those issues that prevent honest dialogue. While history has brought the Nagas thus far, it is true to acknowledge that issues of hurt and acrimony from the past and present are disabling the future. And it is unlikely that a contentious past can be the basis of understanding, so Nagas must dialogue together around an inclusive and persuasive vision around which Nagas can heal and come together as one with unity in purpose.
The yearning to get out of the present entrenched conditions – spiritually, politically and mentally – has reached its peak and the Naga patience is wearing thin. History today demands a quantum leap from Nagas. A quantum leap where power politics no longer is the basis of decision making, and insecurity is no more the guiding attitude. Knee-jerk reactions to the various problems have proved counter productive and disastrous for the Naga people. At this point the Nagas need to painstakingly work out a well though strategic process that is dynamic and forward-looking and above all one that is relevant and pragmatic. Nagas need to take a quantum leap into the future, so that the burdens of the past and present can be constructively transformed.