A response to A Highway of Common Hope


NNC Member

In the interest of the Naga nation, I would like to write a few words in response to “Where To? A Highway of Common Hope”, which appeared in Morung Express on 6thJanuary 2019. It is not attacking but for the interest of the whole Naga people, it is needed to share my own opinion on the Naga national affair.

Where To? Where are we going?Since the pioneers of Naga national leaders under the banner of the Naga National Council (NNC)laid the foundation of Naga nation, the Naga national stand is cleared to all the Naga people and the Nagas as a nation, all the Nagas are proudly and respectfully observing the Nagaland Independence Day and Plebiscite Day every year. The questions “Where To? Where are we going? Which path should we take? is, therefore, no room for the Nagas, for the Nagas are not in a confused situation on their national stand except some traitors who went astray from the Naga national stand and is demanding this and that from India.

But the question the Naga people would ask is; What is “A Highway of common Hope?” This is a new word for the Nagas. Because the Nagas are existing as an independent nation from time immemorial, and in addition, the age-old Naga Independence was declared to the outside world before seventy years ago. Though India or Burma did not regard the declaration of our independence, the declaration is legal and valid in the sense of human Law. In this civilized world, no one can reject it as an invalid. Only we are fighting for the recognition of it by the world. This did not start from yesterday but it has beengoing on for hundred years and will continue till we achieved our cherished goal. Every Naga who upholds our history/national right and stand as a nation is the best job he is doing for the Naga nation. Besides this, the Nagas have no other ‘a highway of common hope’.

My point is, every one of Nagas, Church leaders, public leaders, and the Nagas’ Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) should speak and state the truth that the Nagas are a nation. When we speak the truth and facts of our history and tell our national right to the world, we are fighting with the powerful weapons against our enemies who are falsely occupying our country. We should speak in one voice as a nation and stand for the recognition of our nation by the world. But reconciliation is not a common hope or an issue for the Nagas. If you stand as a Naga and Nagas are a nation, you are united with your Nagas brothers and sisters who are the true sons and daughters of Nagaland soil.

We cannot condemn all Nagas for claiming self-righteous. Regarding the Nagas national stand, most of the Nagas speak the truth of Naga nation, which is not proclaiming one’s own self-righteous. We cannot equally count them with the persons who are claiming black as white.We have to clearly define them,who is doing right for the nation and who is falsely claiming self-righteous and telling lies.

When we all clearly and boldly speak the truth, we will prevail over the false and will be freed from the satanic dungeon of falsehood. We should do what the right thing to do.

“To one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin”James 4: 17.