A solution is possible now: Nagaland CM

A solution is possible now: Nagaland CM

Naga civil society endorse NLA resolution on Naga political issue


Chizokho Vero
Jotsoma | July 31


Nagaland state Chief Minister, TR Zeliang today said that a solution to the Naga political issue is possible now as the GoI has acknowledged Naga history, while the Naga political groups have understood the difficulty of the Indian Government. “If both side understand each other’s difficulties, why this problem can’t be resolved?” he questioned.
The Nagaland CM further revealed that while the Government of India (GoI) remains committed to bring out a formula for solution, they remain apprehensive that the Naga people may turn down any proposal, resulting in a deadlock and a breakdown of ceasefire. That is the fear of GoI and the intellectuals, he said, while addressing a press conference in Kohima today.


“But that fear psychosis can be removed if we go for further consultations with Naga people not only in Nagaland but Naga people living outside Nagaland,” he asserted.


Earlier, representatives of Naga civil society, after having discussed the Naga political issue at length today unanimously resolved to endorse the resolution passed in the 9th session of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) on July 27. The discussion occurred during a consultative meeting organized by the Nagaland Legislators’ Forum (NLF) in Jotsoma today.


“The meeting was successful and it was consensus,” said the CM. “We are quite happy and we will move further for another meeting for broader consultation,” he informed. The CM said that the meeting showcased the desire of the Naga people for an early solution to bring in peace, development and progress. He further claimed that the endorsement to the resolution passed by the NLA is an indication that people by and large want peace.


“No tribe Hoho or civil society has disagreed with this resolution,” he said and termed it as a good sign for Government of India as well.


The CM also informed that the next meeting would also include Naga people living outside Nagaland “so we can have broader based discussion.” Zeliang revealed that the interlocutor for the Naga peace talks would come back to Nagaland for further consultation.


“Consultation does not mean that we will go to every door step or interlocutor will go to every household. But the intellectual group like the mass based civil societies elected by people be it Naga Hoho, or be it students community and Naga Mothers’ Association including ENPO, ENSF; they are all elected by the people. So talking to these groups is as good as talking to whole Naga people by and large,” he said.


“This kind of consultation and interface will bring us together and bring all of us closer to each and understand more about Naga political problem,” the CM added.


The CM affirmed his government’s commitment to bring more people into the process so that the interlocutor and the Naga political groups can gauge the minds of the people. He expressed hope that within the shortest period both the negotiating groups would understand each other’s problem.


NLA Speaker, Chotisuh Sazo meanwhile informed that all the invited civil society organisations were present in today’s consultative meeting.


‘Include all stakeholders while
finding solution to Naga issue’


DIMAPUR, JULY 31 (MExN): The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) today called for the inclusion of all stakeholders in the process towards achieving a solution to the Naga political issue.


A press note from the NTC urged Nagas to be “open hearted,” while hoping that all Naga political groups and “genuine Naga public organisations” would be consulted, taking each other into confidence. It expressed desire for Nagas as a people to have consensus on all contentious issues and enter into an agreement for solution, while respecting the legacy of the Naga plebiscite.


The NTC also demanded that any durable written agreement between the Nagas and the GOI should be the “common property of the Nagas as a whole.” “No matter how inconvenient it is considered to be, there is no alternative to openness and transparency. This is for the sake of permanent peace post solution in the land,” it asserted.


Stating that Nagas have a “high tendency to blame GOI for the inordinate delay in finding a permanent political solution,” the NTC however pointed out that “we have been miserably failing to introspect on our own ability and inability to prepare ourselves for the same solution.” “It is therefore imperative that we the Nagas become humble and sincere to complete the ground work by rising above internal bickering and be ready for ultimate solution in lieu of blaming one another and also others,” it added.


The NTC further affirmed that Article 371(A) should be protected in the event of attaining a solution under the constitution of India. “If not for substantiation or enhancement of the existing status of this article, dilution or polarisation in any manner is not acceptable,” it said.