There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Aadhaar card. Is Aadhaar card compulsory for availing government schemes like LPG and other subsidy, scholarships, for marriage for buying property etc. The matter relating Aadhaar is very lengthy. Therefore, let us briefly see what this Aadhaar card fuzz is about. The word “Aadhaar” in Hindi means “Base” or “foundation”. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is simply an agency of the planning commission of India. It is not a department of Government of India.  The UIDAI issues a Unique Identification Number known as “Aadhaar” number to residents of India with or without any documentation or Identity proof.


The Supreme Court interim order issued on September 23, 2013 said Aadhaar card is not compulsory. On March 17th 2015 once again the Supreme Court headed by three-judge bench headed by Justice Jasti Chelameswar issued an order stating that Aadhaar card is not compulsory because the way information/bio data are collected while applying for Aadhar card is against Article 21 of Indian Constitution and it clearly encroaches into the public’s right to privacy.


It might be a revelation for many to know that the Aadhaar card is not supported nor backed by any Bill or Act in India. The national identification Authority of India Bill which supported the Aadhaar card was introduced in 3rd Dec 2010 in the Rajya Sabha. It went on to get the Cabinets approval but was not approved by the Parliament/President of India and the Bill ended up getting rejected. Thus, Aadhaar card is unconstitutional. It will be shocking to know that the present Aadhaar enrolment system does not have any provisions to penalize for misusing of data by authorized persons (eg UIDAI officials), and therefore has an in-built potential for use of personal data to identify and eliminate “Maoists”, “terrorists” “insurgents”, “habitual offenders”, political opponents and others who are perceived as threats by those in power. It is sad to see that many Nagas from various backgrounds are blindly applying for Aadhaar card just because someone is applying not knowing the real danger. The Aadhaar card authority/UIDAI operating without any Parliamentary approval/Bill/Act clearly shows the dictatorial Nature of the Aadharr card/UIDA which is one of the charter of Antichrist. It is as if some unknown satanic force is pushing the Aaddhra enrolment with great success even though it is absolutely unconstitutional.


We must understand that information is the currency of the future. All the personal information collected while applying for Aadhar card are collected by purely private companies and not by the government. All the collected information becomes the property of the private companies and are priceless. It is sad we gave our consent/permission to the private companies to use our information as they wish when we applied for Aadhaar card that too free of cost. Private agencies are always in hurry to make more profits, so if they want they can sell our data. I am worried about the safety of our Nagas and all Indians. There is always a possibility of our data being leaked. Any data can be stolen with the help of advanced technology. In the present day and age when every country is facing the problem of identity frauds, usage of fake identities for money laundering, terrorism, etc, the Nagalnad State government is letting the Aadhaar/ private contractors to collect sensitive data of persons, which is not protected or governed under any law. Without a framework for data-protection, offences for violation UIDAI/Aadhaar card, the Nagaland State Government and its administration are putting in danger not only life and rights of people in Nagaland but also security of our country.  The UIDAI way of using NGOs to collect the data without any safety measure for the collected data makes it prone to misuse not only by private companies but also by State Government. Today any person who has an Aadhaar card is open to identity fraud and all his/her personal information has been compromised. Nandan Nilekani the co-founder of Infoysis who also contested for MP election but lost to the Modi wave is the chairperson of UIDAI/Aadhaar card, he may be a very professional man and have sound knowledge in the field of technology, but can he guarantee the safety of all the data collected? The right to privacy is one of the basic human right of an individual, can the UIDAI protect this aspect? One gentlemen told me he applied for Aadhaar card but when he went online and checked it is totally blank. Where is all his personal information? It surely cannot just disappear. Did someone misuse it? Stuck between the Supreme Court order and some self-vested Ministers and MP in Delhi who are using the State Government and NGO’s to enroll people in the Aadhaar program, without telling the ugly truth about Aadharr are the unfortunate uniformed public in state of confusion and mental harassment.


It may be shocking news for many to know that state government of Maharashtra has fined more than Rs5.5 crore on various contractors it authorized for Aadhaar card enrollment. The details were made available through a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by applicant Anand Pargaonkar. Tera Software Ltd was levied the maximum penalty of Rs1.85 crore. Strategic Outsourcing Services paid the second highest fine of Rs87.68 lakh, followed by GSS America InfoTech Ltd at Rs 65.67 lakh and Mahaonline Ltd at Rs64.11 lakh. Some of these companies had also been among those who were found collecting information even after their contracts had been cancelled/suspended by the state. All of them were fined for delay in uploading the packet (data) as per UIDAI guidelines, which is kinda fishy because how can the State impose such heavy fine on the UIDAI for such silly reasons like delay in uploading data, the reason might have been more severe one. Which we may never know. I wonder if our Nagaland Sate Government has implemented any guidelines to see that our information are not misused. Aadharr card is not a full proof card it can be misused and tampered. More than 30 lakh  Aadhaar card were rejected in Orissa in 2014 because of many errors, one of which was that many applicants ended up with wrong photos in their Aadhaar card. One of the key points of Aadhaar is that it would be impossible for one person to get more than one Aadhaar card, but what happened in Orissa shows that Aadhar card is not a full proof. Imagine if tomorrow the police comes to arrest you because someone with your identity had killed someone. Even though you might be innocent, you will have to spent money and time running to court just to prove that you are not guilty. Worst even if you win the case, you might end up losing all our dignity and honour in the Society.


The another ugly face of Aadhaar card is that it is not actually for the poor and the unfit. The Aadhaar card system could be indirectly trying to implement the theory of the “survival of the fittest.” It is because there are millions of Indians working in agriculture, construction workers and other manual works who have worn-out thumb and fingers due to a lifetime of hard labour and other millions with no hands, missing finger and thumb. There are an estimated 6-8 million people in India with corneal blindness, and many without eyes according to researchers at the all India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. All these poor farmers and people with worn out fingerprint, no finger and eyes and eyes diseases cannot apply for aadharr card because the finger print and the eye scan is mandatory. So in realty the Aadharr card program is silently excluding the poor by eliminating the physically unfit and the poor from the Aadhaar beneficiary program. Thus paving the way for the “fittest” generation to march into the future, while the unfit populating is left to fate into history. Is Aadharr card number the number of the beast “666” as mentioned in the Bible Rev 13:16-18 ? Well the Bible does not say that the Aadhaar card number is the number of the beast. The Bible also does not say the devil will come with a horn and a tail. If we see carefully, both Aadhaar card number and 666 functions the same way. Both 666 and Adhaar numbers are not compulsory both voluntary. Both 666 and Aadharr number are from a higher authority and not from the government. Both 666 and Aadhaar card number is made to be received by both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond. In both the case food/medicine/bank account/medical/ even voting rights and other basic things one needs to survive will be tied up with Adhaar card and with 666. Just like the meaning of the word “Aadhar” which means “base” or “foundation” Aadhar card could be secretly laying the foundation for 666. After all a strong foundation is crucial for building anything.  WELL I LEAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR DECISION as it says in Rev 13:18 “This calls for wisdom, let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty six. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which gives out the 12 digit Aadhaar card number admitted that once a person gets the Aadhaar card number it can never be deleted. Which means once you have an Aadhaar number, you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. The only option is not to apply for Aadhaar.


It is my humble request to the all the Deputy Commissioners and head of Institutions and organizations in all the Districts in Nagaland to issue a circular based on the Supreme Court order dated March 17, 2015 that Aadhaar card is not compulsory. This would help remove the mental harassments, because even if the supreme court has issued an order saying Aadharr card is not compulsory, for some reason many people in Nagaland specially living in the remote districts think that unless there is an order/circular from the Deputy Commissioners or head of the department office in black and white it cannot be real. Therefore, in the Interest of the all-public, all the Deputy Commissioners and heads of departments should kindly issue the circular soon. In addition, All India Radio Kohima should repeatedly broadcast in all Naga dialect for at least one month that Aadhar card is not compulsory until the information sinks in the mind of the people. Even a well-educated person can be blind as a bat if not informed. The local Newpspsers should also take the incentive. After all our Sovereign Nagaland State government and its administration have the duty not only to protect its citizens but also to protect its citizen’s identity and their personal information against possible misuse. I wonder why has our State Government not issued any circular saying that Aadhaar is not compulsory as directed by the Supreme Court to all States? Why is the NSF/ANPSA and other NGO’S so silent while students are harassed to produce Aadhaar card for Scholarship and other schemes. Is it because the State government, NSF/ANPSA/NGO’s are uniformed of the danger of Aadhar card or are they all busy assisting the UIDAI in enrolling all the Nagas in the Aadhaar card program? If so God help us. My suggestion to all Nagas especially students and those who have not applied for Aadhaar/got rejected is  “DON’T APPLY FOR AADHAAR IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL” Let us spread the awareness of the danger of Aadhaar Card. May God give us the wisdom to decide what is right. God blesses us All.


Imlisanen Phom, Dimapur