ACAUT questions Nagaland govt’s position on border fencing move

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 11 (MExN): The Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) Nagaland today stated that the “future of the villages, families and people in a far corner of Nagaland hangs in uncertainty and despair,” as a result of the border fencing move in the Indo-Myanmar border.


A press note from the ACAUT said that the arbitrary fencing of Naga land between India and Myanmar at Pangsha is against the will of the Naga people, and will tear apart villages and families who have lived together since time immemorial. It cautioned that this will have serious ramification for the Naga people’s struggle to live as one.


The ACAUT however lamented that despite the hue and cry of the people, the state government seems to be “oblivious to this episode since it hasn’t come out with its official position.” It questioned whether this border fencing is being done with the knowledge and the consent of the state government. “If not, why isn’t the government taking up the issue with the Central government at the highest level? Or was the recent trip of the Chief Minister of Nagaland to Myanmar about border fencing at Pangsha?,” the ACAUT posed.


It demanded that the Government of Nagaland set the record straight and make an official statement to the people Nagaland on this very serious matter. It meanwhile extended support to the stand of the Khiamniungan people in particular and the Naga people in general that the fencing work at Pangsha should be immediately stopped.