Prof. G.T. Thong


Thank you ACAUT, for proposing the ‘mother of all rallies’ against corruption on 25th August 2017 at Dimapur. It is indeed high time for a meeting of all concerned citizens of Nagaland. We hope the highly enlightened, motivated and concerned citizens Mr. Thepfülhouvi Solo, Mr. Khekiye K. Sema, Mr. Niketu Iralu and Mr. Zhovehu Lohe will address this rally. We also eagerly look forward to hearing from the NTC, ENPO and other concerned Tribe Hoho’s of Nagaland.


By the way, KUDOS to the NTC for taking the initiative for removal of all the illegal Advisors and Parliamentary Secretaries! If they are not removed by the end of the deadline, a major movement in the likes of the NTAC/JCC should be initiated. Someone capable should also file a case of ‘Contempt of Court’.


All of us who care and wish for a better Nagaland should attend this ACAUT rally. It is not a meeting of the people of Dimapur, for Dimapur; it is for a clean, developed and prosperous Nagaland. This is the perfect opportunity for us to rid Nagaland of the junk that is suffocating it. But nothing will ever happen if we do not come together and contribute our presence and ideas at this once-in-a-lifetime rally.


The unemployed youths and college students, particularly of Dimapur, should take part in this rally too. It is your future that has been compromised or will be, by some very crooked elements in our society. They had no concern, nor will they show any in future; they just do not care about you. Their sole intention is to loot, licking the plate clean for themselves and their bloodline. College authorities and teachers, please motivate your students to attend and absorb the messages of some of the most gifted speakers of our times. Corruption being a moral issue (the corrupt of Nagaland are openly mocking God) the churches should participate with their flock as well. All individuals who honestly believe that we should change Nagaland should be there to lend support to this movement to clean Nagaland, once and for all. Rapid changes can be made if we persevere, in unity. That great nation Singapore was changed, almost overnight. Why the heck can we not too?