The Morung Express

After 100 days in power, how do you rate the PDA Government’s performance in Nagaland State? Why?

Some of those who voted GOOD had this to say:

• It is very much better when seen in comparison with the previous NPF government.

• Good. To be fair no government can be judged in 100 days. Also this PDA government has not gotten a fair chance to settle down and actually concentrate on its work. After coming to power and before settling down they were faced with other elections (Lok Sabha) and only now they are settling down. I will actually start counting the 100 days from now.

• Good. The best government so far. We get to see bitumen after a very long time.


Some of those who voted AVERAGE had this to say:

• Average. Waiting for the CHANGES to come over!

• Average. Can’t keep it commitment.


Some of those who voted POOR had this to say:

• Poor. Before 100 days, it was Game of Thrones (Nagaland Version). After 100 days, it’s Game of Blames. The Purana Bazaar to Padum Pukhuri Road speaks for our Government. The public is remaining silent because either the one in power or the irresponsible contractors responsible for our suffering are threatening the lives of those who speak up just like the roads have become life threatening. No improvement in Electrical department. All these things say: POOR.

• Very poor. In fact all the major issues are sidelined.

• After 100 days in power the PDA government’s performance is still very poor. The roads are still not travel worthy, are they? Potholes are filled up in name only. It’s just big talk and not real work. How I wish in Nagaland we get a government who will really really give us world class roads that we see in other states. All our ministers and bureaucrats are well travelled, why can’t they emulate the good they see elsewhere? Please stop bluffing the people, we are not stupid. Our stupidity is electing the same people back to power. More work and less talk.

• Third class. Should be rate below poor. Precedence of corruption still continuing.

• ‘LOL’ should be included as the fourth choice.

• I should say that it’s ‘Poor’. Their slogan before the election, “Change is coming” is just a slogan and nothing to be put into action. The real “Change” (change a better) should be there at least in the days to come.

• Old Wines in New Bottles… So what good will we expect… Change is Coming is just a Lipstick covering the Crack lips… If it really into it den high time now Atleast some changes must be make known to for the welfare of public. As said “Action not Word” so from where will we find that … Change is Coming mean changing things and system from bad to worse? … Still wondering… Very Very Poor (VVP)

• Add Very Very Poor too in the section. As expected, nothing good came out of it, things got worst from bad. Now corruption and nepotism floats openly in every street corner of Nagaland. And talking of streets, we can now see those Congress era roads coming of the NPF era plastered roads and passing thought the present PDA government applied mascara road in every part of the State.

• Poor. The worst ruling government ever in the history of Nagaland. During congress rule, many criticized about the poor performance, but it is due to fact that India was recovering from economic crisis and was in its initial development, and could not provide sufficient funds to the state for its developmental activities. Although, there was an economic slump, during the congress rule in Nagaland, many quality roads and bridges and other infrastructural developments were made and the functions and system of governance was also rated to be an average. There was also less corruption in all departments and have maintained equality of opportunity in matters of public employment and promotion. Few industries in Nagaland also run smoothly. Later, NPF took over the Government, it is this period where most of corruption began – like backdoor appointments, mismanagement of government funds, roads and bridges deteriorated, few industries that were running in the state come to a halt, funds diversion for political gains, influx of non locals into our markets increased terribly, few infrastructural facilities were created and new public institutions or offices were set up but were never run, politisization of independent top institutions and equal justice were neither treated or ensured. We see the present government the worst ruling government ever in Nagaland. It is truthfully unbelievable with the current conditions of the governance of the state. Corruption after corruption all over in almost every department. We have seen the highest corruption ever in the ruling government. The present politicians might be well educated and qualified, but the prevailing condition has illustrated the moral unsoundness of our politicians. They really need a reality self-check. Don’t the politicians come into politics with their vision and goals to do something for the society? Don’t they think that their present actions will destroy future governmental institutions and future generation? India is rapidly making an overall enormous growth and advancements. With its bulk economy, sufficient funds are allotted to all states each year in order to fulfill all its developmental goals and obligations. Therefore, funds are quite sufficient to carry out all developmental activities even in Nagaland like those of other states. It’s time that all politicians realised that they are people’s representative and carry a spirit of reformism, and work for development and run the government in the full interest of the people irrespective of tribes, caste, and geographical regions, etc.

• Poor. No state government can be judged in 100 days. And it will be stupidity for a government to claim so many stupid things like the manner in which the present government is claiming and acting. More so, our public expectation and trust to the present dispensation is nothing but just a political madness. The PDA claims so far is nothing short of illogical and immature claims. No government can run long on advertising. The best example is Modiji government at the centre. People want to see and experience change for better and not just change. Minister riding bike may be a change but such advertisements do not benefit common people or minister speaking in painful Hindi among non Hindi speaking community is indeed a change but that change do not generate understanding among the hearer.

• Poor. Because it’s just old wine in new bottle – No deeds, just words on one end and looting of public money on the other.


Some of those who COMMENTED had this to say:

• How can we expect any changes when we did not change the way we vote? The elected are the master, they bought our votes and now they are reimbursing the money they have spent on us during election.

• I’m not aware of their having done anything apart from repeated attempts to remove Rupin Sharma.

• After the initial high they seem to be out of gas. Or can it be either that their deeds are all done in secret or the dailies are conspiring against them by not reporting anything substantial!
• I voted for NDPP because of their lofty promises, after all, who doesn’t want change? But looks like they’re the same, if not worse, in different packaging. All their promises were shallow and fake, roads are back to square after the lipstick makeover was washed away by the rain, power supply is same, if not worse, their promises of meritocracy were all false, with rampant backdoor appointments, and the DGP issue exposed the real evil intentions of the PDA Government.

• Government is poor so will always remain poor!

• I’ll rate very good if they listen to public on the ongoing DGP issue. Its right time for PDA government to win hearts.

• Apparently good for very few and poor for too many. However much better than the previous ministry not because of the PDA but of the stronger opposition.

• Very soon to say as of now since it’s just some months that the new government has been to power.

• Just change of faces among them. A very relevant Old wine in a new bottle!

• Maybe still paying the previous government deficit. Hahaha.

• Apart from changing names and all those slogan in the paper, haven’t seen any change. All the roads are still pathetic and all those election promises.

• Majority of people sold their votes… What can we expect… And the best part is… when I talk about the ills of selling votes… some Nagas charge me with questions like “then why don’t you solve their financial problems? Poor people have no options”…..blah blah blah… every excuse under the sun will be elaborated… And even after repeating the same cycle of being fooled ever and over again… majority of Nagas will still prefer selling votes. People don’t have the right to complain and protest and play the innocent victim. It’s plain that many Nagas are Anti democratic, allergic to doing things by the book in a nice a proper manner… nowhere in the world is due process more hated than in Nagaland.