After two months in power, how do you rate the PDA Government’s performance in Nagaland State? Why?

After two months in power, how do you rate the PDA Government’s performance in Nagaland State? Why?

Some of those who voted GOOD had this to say:

• I will vote good. In our state the public expect so much. Sometimes we think the government is like a magician who with a magic wand will just change our miserable conditions. But in reality, the government is like a machine and it needs all the parts to function well. For so long this machine has become rusted and has not been oiled so it is not functioning properly. This PDA government is obviously not a magician. It will take time to bring changes, but at least in its first 60 days it has shown some measured intent to do something about our pathetic condition. This intent will have to be translated into real action in the coming months.

• Lots of developmental projects were initiated after the PDA government took over our state. The best thing I like about PDA government is its commitment to repair all district headquarters road.

• Good. Because of road development, VIP culture ban, and no VIP as chief guest.

• I would say good because as far as my memory is right, I have never traveled in good roads like I do right now under this PDA government.


Some of those who voted AVERAGE had this to say:

• PDA’s performance is a disappointing average. It is still in the hangover of coming to power. It should have taken these two months to get one or two public work done in full speed to win public trust. Instead its priority seems to be self-indulging. What a waste of opportunity.

• No new initiative. Attempt should be made to initiate its own revenue generation system, and not simply depend on the central funds.

• Let’s wait for full Summer and rate their performance. Their only visible work is road repairing work being initiated in district HQ and since rain is quickly damaging everything due to sub standard work being done please raise the same question in the month of July or August and we will get the right picture. The other aspect is appointment of party workers with highest government officers status with no knowledge of governance, intelligence, integrity and ethic of hard work on the one hand and on the other hand, will qualified, informed, dedicated, RSS trained officials and scammers in CMO. We are watching with our fingers crossed.

• Interesting…they are exactly following Modiji method of governance. “only words not work” is their base for governance. The Government is good only in advertising. So far what they have done…proposing IG stadium into Dr. T. Ao stadium, organizing mini Hornbill festivals in all districts HQ, repairing the roads in the districts capitals with mud and expired bitumen, ministers speaking in funny Hindi among non Hindi speaking community, going to office by bike just to amuse public and for publicity; removing VVIP culture in capital but living like ancient kings in their own constituency, removing the phrase “Chief Guest” but acting like gods…and many more. Is it not just for advertisement? Is it not just for creating false consciousness among the innocent general public? Change is coming is indeed a good, hopeful and messianic but to experience and test in our state is little doubtful if we look at the capabilities of the ruling dispensation.

• Average. Yes, it’s been two months in power, yet, a good start of indication has not been seen as of now. It’s time that the government begins with the construction of collapsed bridges and immediate disbursements of teachers salary without any delay. A good start of governance should first primarily focus on better education, health, connectivity of roads and bridges and other infrastructural developments. Promoting and advocating the importance of hornbills, mini hornbills, funds reserved specially for excursions and trips are one the regressive steps when taken into broader perspective ,taken by the PDA government. Major areas of PUBLIC CONCERNS: 1) The PDA government should resume, upgrade all industrial sectors/units and create additional capital investment for more productivity and solve the problem of whooping educated unemployed youths. 2) Funds allotted for construction of roads and bridges shouldn’t be withdrawn until the completion of works provided thoroughly inspected periodically ensuring the quality of works by the concern minister. 3) Inner line permit should be implemented to save future generation, protect and preserve the unique cultural identity. 4) PDS should be properly implemented. 5) The government should also sporadically check and make proper regulations on all -private schools, business entities, taxi pliers, both private and government hospitals to ensure that there is no such as malpractices, extortions and self-arbitration committed by any of those entities. 6) The government should not only operate within its ambit of legislative or executive functions, but also must listen to the voices and respond swiftly to the demands of the people which has the importance or are welfare of general public. This is called a representative democracy. 7) The govt should be less interfering in the national developmental projects such as construction of NH with respect to intrusion of allotted funds meant for developmental projects. These are the major areas the PDA government should include to its assured developmental pledges of agendas order to bring prosperity to the state.


Some of those who voted DISAPPOINTING had this to say:

• It’s a little early to be making any judgement of the government since it has been in power for 2 months. At the same time two months is a good indicator of the things to come. During this time they have not laid down any concrete basis of its policies and the state government has not yet set the foundation of what it wants to achieve in the next four years. They are behaving like they are just waiting for a political solution to come so that they need not do anything.

• Given how badly the last NPF government under TR Zeliang fared, they have left a goldmine of opportunities for Rio’s PDA government to prove their worth. Nagaland is at its lowest ebb and so even a minimum amount of genuine effort in this circumstances would appeared to be positive in the eyes of the public. Unfortunately, Rio’s government does not seem to be able to even provide that minimum effort. Wrong policy choices and lack of political planning are the rendering this government ineffective.

• Disappointing because the theme of the manifesto was CHANGE IS COMING but seems the present government don’t have credentials to bring change. They can talk about change but not in a position to make it happen because they are just wishful thinking. Just going to office riding on bike don’t bring change in the society. Just speaking Hindi in Nagaland assembly does not bring change. Just speaking Hindi in a non-Hindi speaking community does not guarantee change in society. Of course coming of RSS hardcore officials to control CMO will bring change. Change don’t come in a community/society just by watching advertising.

• No new government can perform remarkably within two months time and so asking such opinion may sound illogical and share stupidity. However, knowing the fact that the present dispensation both by party chief and particularly by by-chance winners big mouthed words makes public to ask such question. Political community have become so cheap during the last few years, more so within this two months.

• Very much disappointed. Leave aside development, the present government cannot comprehends the serious threat to the indigenous Naga citizens. The government is not opening their mouth on the Citizenship Bill 2016 which allows Hindus from neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, etc to come and settle in India. The Modi government is targeting NEI states for these people. The government main concern is to safeguard Hindus and to overtake indigenous population in North East India by Hindu population. This has extermination agenda but PDA is not worried. They have sold out Nagas right to live peacefully and with full rights in their own land has been sold out to Hindu Rashtriya move. So the government performance is not necessarily good or average but DISAPPOINTING.

• Yes, we cannot expect accomplishing big things within two months time after formation of a new government. But the way the government is manufacturing consent to show that they are doing big things is very disappointing. Because in reality they are doing nothing tangible for the welfare and development of the people and state. Rather what they are hurriedly doing will certainly harm our identity, culture, morality and economy in few years from now. So it is very disappointing.

• Disappointing. The roads have turned into riverbed.

• Barely living the promises… 60 days or 60 working days whatever… May is already done.

• They are yet to do anything. Where are their manifesto. They are to fulfilled all promise

• Disappointing – The roads, which they had fervently promised would improve, as per the ads they ran on all local papers, are still as bad as ever! No improvement in electricity woes either.

• We cannot expect much from a newly formed government… More so, when elected members are below the required level to be member of legislative assembly. Many are by chance member and this is evidently true by the way they are not even comprehending the consequences of Citizenship Bill if imposed. When God turns his face away from people due to their grave sins, they receive stupid, arrogant, immoral leaders. We are such people…very disappointing.