Do you agree that the present Election practice is the key that keeps the wheel of corruption turning in Nagaland? How?

Do you agree that the present Election practice is the key that keeps the wheel of corruption turning in Nagaland? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes the present election system is one of the key factors that keep the corruption wheel turning. If we are to fight corruption the election system needs to be cleaned up if not the corruption will continue. From money to job promises, the election system has brazenly wiped out the one man-one vote principle.


• Yes, It is a fact, everyone in Nagaland knows it.


• Yes. All hands down that the electoral process itself is responsible for corrupt practices. But this is a complicated issue because though the question sounds easy it is not so. The clean election is not addressing the election process, rather it is only trying to address some of the activities (like proxy voting, use of excess money), which this very system has given birth to. The clean election campaign should also review closely the present election practices in our state.


• Yes, very much. This is why we need to clean up the election system.


• Yes, the amount of money that is doled out is obvious. The number of job appointments made is one of the reasons for backdoor appointment. Some of the present legislators have become heroes because they have fulfilled their promise by giving many backdoor appointments to people from their own constituency. What more reasons do you need?


• Yes, sure does, we all know money talks.


• Yes. Because a corrupt election cycle/practice makes sure a people’s mandate is destroyed, making no space for just governance and accountability. The state is then merely ruled by hedonic despots and rulers far away. People can use the election ‘key’ to take back power to influence decision making.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• The present Election practice is a result of other larger factors which sustains corruption.


• It is not the election practice but we the people who have created problems. We cannot blame others. During elections everyone goes mad and crazy for money and power. Even church leaders indulge in elections.


• No, we cannot blame the election system. The problem is our greed and self-serving interests.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Electioneering process has been misunderstood that has been turning the wheels of corruption.


• Oh dear…c’mon MEX, you can post a better poll than this. We all know about our current political scenario and our electoral practices. How about a poll on something like…do the village councils need to actively involve in clean election campaigns? It’s imperative that they come to the front if clean election campaign is to be realistic especially in rural areas.