Do you agree the present legislators are so blinded by political power and vested interests that they have lost the moral authority to lead? Why?

Do you agree the present legislators are so blinded by political power and vested interests that they have lost the moral authority to lead? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yes, they have become blind with power and money. Its the blind leading the blind. It is time for the public to wake up from our slumber and say enough is enough.
  • Yes, we don’t have State and district Minister and MLA for the last 20 years we have only own kitchen Minister and MLA so far. And they are blinded not by policies the have as a vision but by love of money. They even don’t have power how to be but self stylist as I see. See all over Nagaland lifeline road conditions and see their house and their own properties developments.
  • Yes but blinded not really by the political power but money and greed. They have not only lost moral authority but have turned themselves into shameless and senseless wild animals. Yes, they also belong to the wild life sanctuary Kaziranga forest and should not come back to Nagaland.
  • Yes, majority of our legislators are blinded by greed and lust for power. They have lost the moral authority to lead the people.
  • Yes, they doesn’t care about what is happening to the people who elected them to power. What they care is to hold the highest position for their personal benefit or else this kind of political turmoil wouldn’t happen if they are working for the welfare of the people.
  • No development and employment. Time to bring new people in politic
  • Yes, Disgusting!!! that’s the only word I can think of now. The way they are conducting themselves is unspeakable. Feels a deep sense of shame to the outside world. And we are helplessly watching these dramas
  • Yes, Power mongerer and Selfishness
  • Absolutely yes, they are all power vested & money mongers and dont have their self respect. at this present juncture we hungrily need a new faces who can bring peace, development and honour to our state.
  • They have lost their principle, integrity and moral due to their selfish desire and interest, cheated their own people.
  • They forgot that they are elected by the people to serve them not for their selfish interest. They are even afraid that Pillai case will be open and with that they all will be in danger.
  • Yes, the present legislators are political prostitutes of the day who are shamelessly playing with the Naga society purely for their own greed. They don’t deserve our respect any more. Since they are restless with their own greed for money and power let the Nagas show them their place by throwing them into dust bins as they are no more fit for a decent society. They don’t have any sense of responsibility for the Naga society except looting the Nagas for their own bottomless pit for greed. Let the Nagas voice their demand for imposition of PR and go for fresh election immediately. Don’t give the corrupt politicians anymore chance to loot us.
  • They have no morality to govern the people.
  • Yes, They are bunch of jokers without any principles.
  • They have fallen to the lowest pit. Lack of principles, no vision for better Nagaland, greed and thirst for their selfish needs have blinded them all beyond repair. Time to look for corruption free, visionary leaders for better Nagaland. None of the present legislatures deserves to be reelected.
  • Looking at the present political situation, it seems that we the people had voted them to power, so that the legislator should always keep on fighting among themselves not for any good reasons, but for political power or vested interests. Because this is not the first time we are facing such situation…i say they are so blinded by political power and have lost the moral authority to be a Leader.
  • Yes, Though the legislators and the ministers are trying to play a game from behind the screen, we the people can still notice their hunger for power and position.
  • Yes, They are not into public service.
  • Yes, Clean and fair Election is the solution to bring peace and unity in Nagaland.
  • They have utter disregard to the voice and welfare of the people. They should remember that not all votes were bought with brute and money. There were still people who voted with faith in them.
  • Yes, no words can describe this bunch of politicians. Agreed there is corruption in every states but the level of self interest and greed for money and power among these people is beyond words. In other places it is 20% corruption and 80% development. But here it is 100% corruption. They have joined politics not with a burning desire to lift up society but to lift themselves and their family and businessmen from outside. Every time they pass in fancy cars, public should be ready to throw cow dung, rotten eggs and tomatoes. This will show them where they belong
  • Yes, Not only the legislators but almost the whole of Nagaland has become the biggest hypocrisy in the world for the lust of power, money, jealousy, grandiosity etc in the most primitive way. Every misdeed is a provocation for blood and every good achievement is raw jealousy for others, (without any sense of shame), to destroy in the namesake of customs (so called naga elders). Our society is like a monkey holding a modern live hand grenade. F$ck the traditional old farting liars. Give a chance to the honest young, educated, more common sense ones to change our society. Save Nagaland.
  • Please reach this message to them. We are utterly frustrated and want a new face. Nagaland is a failed state.
  • ..nevertheless it’s us the voters who elected them in the first place………so the? Doesn’t arise at all…..but be prepared for the coming election with broader outlook irrespective of selfish vanity based on tribalism which is eating us Nagas to the core…
  • It’s very clear that the present legislators have constantly cheated the public for their own interest & gain. Therefore, the public has lost its confidence on them. They should be push aside to Kaziranga  instead of staying in Nagaland corrupting every fibre of people’s life. The public must show its power constructively.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • I will say NO, because for me the politicians are just the symptoms of the people who put them in power. It is the public who are worse off. The public are the responsible for making the politicians the way they are but the public likes to blame only the politicians. I tell you, the politicians will not change unless the public changes first.
  • Who are the politicians? They are just mere individuals that you and I have voted for. It is us who has put them in the seat of power. During election time we take their money, we sell our votes in exchange for jobs and other lucrative and today we are cursing them. Shame on us! It is the people who have corrupted these politicians. If we want better politicians, than during elections make sure you elect the right person.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • They have had unprecedented access to public funds for a such a long time they have no shame in their game. It unbelievable to me that there is no financial accountability system to know how money’s being spent by each Minister. How is this impossible to institute?