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Do you agree with the view that corruption will decrease if more women take active part in Nagaland state politics? Why?


Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, I tend to agree that corruption will decrease if more women were to participate in active politics. Look where the men has led us to. We are in a very sorry state of affairs. It is true that we have women leaders like Jayalalita, Raje Scindia and so on who have not set the best bench mark. But still than I think there are Naga women who can provide better leadership and address corruption in our state.

• Yes. because women can be a great politician not in nagaland but the whole world..they can change the world with love and honesty. so i say yes to women

• Yes. Corruption in Nagaland is because the system itself is corrupt. This is being abused by the Naga leaders that we have. I am sure if there are more women who become leaders at different levels, they will do a better job in solving the problem. Our Naga men have too much obligations to their clansman and villagers and tribe. Their ego and pride does not allow them to say No. But things will change with more active women participation.

• Corruption knows no gender. It is not gender specific. It can corrupt both men and women. Still than I say yes because our society has not to experience active involvement of women in state politics. I am inclined to think they will do better in the same way that women bureaucrats in our state are doing a much better job than their male counterpart. Women bureaucrats in Nagaland are more efficient, dedicated and less corrupt.

• Yes, we need Naga women endowed with POSITIVE THINKING to tackle myriad issues currently confronting us. Merely shouting for reservation and displaying a holier than thou attitude against another gender will not solve problems. Take for example, the menace of prostitution in Dimapur. Naga women who want to be a public leader cannot feign ignorance and put her head in a bush like an ostrich. She must initiate a campaign calling all Naga women and Christian organisations and set up counselling centres for the women in distress who were forced by circumstances. This is one of the many burning issues, Naga women of calibre and guts must come out and clean up. The swatch Bharat organised by some politicians taking up brooms in front of the media is but an example of EYE-WASH. Let’s be realistic and take the bull by the horns.

• Yes….when we broaden the base of responsibility for accountability. End of it all….any decisions for better future are based on a wager eventually. For better or for worse. Better we hope for yes possibility and course correction if shortcomings arise. Present opposition seems limp timid scared etc anti change negative……behind facades of culture and BS. Current situation is totally retrograde and unacceptable to me. Totally Ostrich burying head in the forest of sands

• Women, let us ask ourselves…if given a chance…in today’s scenario….CAN WE NOT SAY, “YES! WE WILL BRING CHANGE. YES! WE WILL DECREASE THE CORRUPTION. YES, WE WILL, IF GIVEN A CHANCE!?”

• Anything can happen in politics but comparing to men folk, women’s involvement may hopefully help to eradicate some forms of corruption but not just any woman.

• Yes. While corruption knows NO gender, women by large will generally be more sincere when it comes to tackling corruption. On the whole men are power mongers and so there is greater tendency to be more corrupt. Also men are traditionally viewed as the provider for the family and this increases their tendency to abuse finances. Women on the other hand are traditionally seen to manage financial resources to meet the family needs. All these have convinced me that more women participation in Nagaland politics will increase opportunities to check corruption. It will not eradicate corruption but it will reduced it.

• Maybe, if they genuinely (as in very very honestly) work to bring a real change. Else, men or women, if they follow the same old tracks our society will remain the same.

• Yes. They will be more conscientious and sincere.



Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• To say that corruption will decrease if more women take active participation in Nagaland state politics is immature thinking. Gender is not the issue in Nagaland state’s corrupt political system. The cause of corruption is not because of patriarchal system but erroneous social and political system fostered by faulty mindset of both the people in power and general public. Women participation in politics can bring gender equality to some extent but will not necessarily reduce corruption in the general socio-political and economic system of Nagaland state.

• No. All are same.

• No. there might be some but this is not a means to reduce corruption but for empowerment of women and women are no angels, and men will act as corrupted guide to accomplish their individualistic goals. This reservation is no different that the backdoor appointments that has prevailed Nagaland.

• Corruption is gender blind. Moreover, the recent inclusion of women in decision making system has nothing to do with the reduction of corruption but acknowledging the progressive trend of so-called feminism.

• No.. if they wanna join then they should join by fair means but this 33 % reservation will bring chaos and misunderstanding…

• No. Whether men or women, each individual must uphold values of common Naga interests with a vision for the future. In our day and age, we just cannot take every one for granted. Didn’t they say politics is the last refuge of the scoundrels, regardless of the gender? Women of easy virtue might be amongst the first to approach for party tickets. We have to weed them out, and choose some few good ones to give them an opportunity to prove themselves.

• No… Even Adam fall in Eve’s trap.

• No. Because we have examples… jayalalita, mayawati, mamata, indra gandhi, sonia gandhi etc.. perhaps it will increase corruption.

• No. Corruption is something that goes far deeper than societal, economic or political factors, let alone the gender of the individual. It is an intrinsic property of humans that must be overcome by steadfast commitment and hardcore honesty. To expect a particular group of people to be naturally less corrupt is unrealistic. Each individual candidate must be scrutinized as it is the duty of the voters. Participation of minorities and under-represented people is highly welcome but it is immature to expect it to be the magical remedy to corruption.

• No question of decreased or increased in Corruption even if the entire populations of womenfolk’s take active part in politics. To built / break /change a society does not depend on gender. Its all to do with our mentality and how true are we to change a society. We talk about change change but just by giving good public speech or writing eloquently on social medias will never bring any change until we try to change ourselves first. And by creating divisions and hatreds amongst our fellow citizens no one can bring any change rather it will lead to more destructions in everything. Hope that we womenfolks stand true with integrity so that in the future we won’t be eating our own vomits back. Might /money n fame are all passing …..Only Gods wisdom and guidance will help nagas bring a change in our corrupted society.

• No…it has not decreased and will not decrease,I said so because I believe women have been taking active parts in politics,atleast controlling the scene from the background..

• I believe many women are actively involves in politics (Woman wing bi ase, mahila bi ase, wives of Ministers, MLA, politicians bi ase nahoi?). Never heard of them voicing against corruptions. It’s either men don’t gives importance to women politicians or women don’t gives importance to politics. It depends on person not sex/gender.

• During election women are always money bag carrier. So i dont see corruption decrease with women contesting.

• Change, Honesty and Dedication doesn’t come from ‘ gender ‘ but from ‘ individual’ so, I will not say women actively involved in politics will decrease corruption.

• No. Corruption has no gender. But if we have more women participation in politics, we will surely get a different perspective to the men dominated business. It is no denying that women are better with attention to details so I suppose we can expect changes at the grassroots level of the society, if not at bigger levels.

• No. Not until men who are already into politics stop being corrupted first.

• No. And definitely, in the short term, we are not going to see any reduction in corruption level. Experiences around the world show that it’s not gender but the environment/culture that primarily influences one’s tendency for corruption or not. Within the context of Nagaland, Naga women, who enter public life, are at risk of getting institutionalised into the prevalent patriarchy, further working to maintain the illiberal social structure. The main reason being the fact that Naga women are still economically challenged and thus cannot command real power and independence in practice. This stunted status of women is further compounded by the still conservative and bigoted Naga culture where women are considered half-wit and incompetent in matters related to public affairs, which, laughably, most Nagas vehemently deny! The hypocrisy in the public proclamations by Naga Intellectuals that Naga Culture is empowering for women is embarrassing! The benefits of Affirmative Actions are severely limited by the level of society’s consciousness and acceptance of women’s value as human beings first. Unfortunately, Nagas, including modern city folks, are yet to grow out of their primitive mindset and atavistic behaviour, where women’s values, right and dignity are relegated in the periphery of their moral and political consciousness!

• Impossible! Corruption or for that matter, the good and the bad always go together and there can never ever be any better state of things or improvement simply because women become active (even super-active) in politics. There have been stories going around that some states have seen improved governance since women were empowered to run political affairs but it must be noted that those tales are yet to be fire-tested and nobody knows the final outcome. Yes, along the course of history, there’s been instances where, under exceptional circumstances, women too were able to lead but that’s a different story altogether. Men and women are totally different and so also, duties and responsibilities. It’s rather impractical to usher in a change that will not lead us anywhere. To top it, we don’t need any reservation because everyone has the right to exercise power and contest, provided he/ she is capable and eligible accordingly.

• No. Corruption has no gender. Look at Hilary Clinton

• No man and woman are equally corrupt, exception to few numbers in nagaland at present as such woman does not justify to be anti-corrupt in general and as a matter of fact man and woman of integrity is lesser day by day. May the good LORD intervene.

• No. no way that corruption will decrease or increase if women take active part in politics. However, as done by traditional lovers of yore; we must learn to eat from the plate !



Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Corruption free or not, i don’t want to comment on that. But in work wise, women are more accountable on finishing what they have started. No women will leave a work half done. So if you want your state to progress, then add women in politics, in town planning, and all the decision making to make our state to at least look presentable. At the moment whether you like it or not our state looks like a garbage dumb emanating vile odour. So you want change? “Include women”. Corruption is not a gender issue but a moral issue.

• Not sure about corruption free….but 33% of the ward will not talk to each other if there is any political socio or economic misunderstanding between them…lol

• Corruption is not immune to gender…

• If you take a women to a shopping mall, you will find out the answer.

• Women have more b***s with regard to everything so it will depend on the caliber, education and moral strength of the individual concerned whether to stick to the straight and narrow or to go all out and make a killing. So can’t really say if there will be less corruption if women join politics. Hopefully there will be more conscientious candidates whether male or women joining politics so that there will be a welcome change in governance.

• Love of money can be underneath cancer to any gender if it is not valued biblical standard and law as supreme. Also culturally the view of conventional a Naga women needed shift gear worldview of Man. in bottom line, we need both masculine and feminine nature of the person to manage our home Nagaland.

• Can’t say. Generally women are more prudent and trustable in relationship but can’t say when it comes to politics. Both genders are equally responsible for corruption as long as some women are still married to corrupted leaders. But, yes, they’ve every right to partake in policy making. Nothing against reservation.

• It’s not about gender. The one who can courageously be Accountable will stop corruption.

• If one look at the basic structure of a family, the head is usually the earning member of the family. In any case, whoever becomes a politician cannot be the earning member of the family. Since Man in our society is the earning member of the family, Women should be in a better position to become a politician and reduce corruption. POLITICS IS NOT A BUSINESS

• Men are no saints neither are the women, corruption has been rooted from the beginning and so, here i cannot either agree or disagree for so many opinions varies with very few minded women who are capable to change the whole new chapter if voted to power, still then I cannot say it out. Leaving for the days to come.

• Politics is the number one social work. Social workers hardly have time to make money, or say big money. Politics to Nagas is the biggest investment and the best entrepreneurship.

• While there are some women whom I really wish to let them enter politics as they have the brain as well as the courage to tackle social issues, there are some women whom I prefer will never enter politics as they are prone to corruption. You see, its not about gender but depends on the individual as a human being to be corrupted but to do good thing. ..a women’s sensible, gentle and loving touch will make lots of difference if she can create a system where others will dread corruption because of her presence. In short , we women without entering politics also can decrease corruption if we let our father, husband and son stop bringing corrupted money at home instead of welcoming and counting the notes and displaying it through foreign tours, blonde hair ,big diamonds ,SUV cars etc or big church offerings. Even if we enter politics to decrease corruption, the majority will be men who will be the maximum Corruptionist. So, at the end of the day it will not be about the few women in politics to decrease corruption but the majority of men in politics and the majority of women not in politics in whose hand this solution to decrease Corruption based on moral values lies.

• Its funny how the question of women and corruption has turned into women and reservation.

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