Do you agree with the view that “Ism is the greatest enemy of progress in Naga society”? Why?

Some of those who Some of those who voted YES had this to say:


• Yes. Ism has torn us apart from a nation to tribe, from tribe to clanism.


• Yes. I agree with the observation made by a retired bureaucrat who said that the organisation of districts along tribal lines and the formation of constituencies. The organisation of districts on tribal basis has created many unwanted things. It has led to unhealthy competition and also fomented hate towards the others. The Ism has been fostered by the creation of the State of Nagaland to create division and confusion among the Naga people.


• Yes. Because Nagas have never been one even before the British era. Even our collective identity as a ‘Naga’ has been made up by outsiders. This historical fact rears it’s ugly head through ISM even today in many aspects of our lives, prevalent very openly in government departments for instance. The outgoing generation must not spit this venom into the mind of the incoming generation, because it’s continuity will prevail only through that.


• Certainly ism is a manifestation of the selfishness within our society. Ism blinds us to the truth and make us act like a mob direction less and ultimately more animal than human. This is destroying our society and our identity as a Peoples. Yet we refuse to see it’s destructive power and blindly follow leaders who are bent on using it for short term selfish gains. Very sad.


• Yes, because it destroys everything.


• Deprivation, Fear, Insecurity, Injustice, Genocide, Theocracy, Radicalism, Violence, Theft and Manipulation …. are all born from a form of one Ism or another.


• I think now a days most of us Nagas (if not all)agrees with this view so now we need to make efforts to counteract this by various means like trying to be consciously aware of our own biases, exposing ourselves to other(tribes, denomination, etc) perspectives, etc.


• 100%. Ism is the mother of all reasons for the huge Divisions amongst nagas. Because of ism many individuals taking advantage of nagas issues and even the non nagas are also taking easy control of everything as a naga coz they know that nagas are divided tribes coz of ISM. If nagas don’t want to be under the dictate of Non Naga then its high time every Nagas MUST do away with Ism and UNITE as a Naga.


• YES, equally “great” as corruption…nepotism, jealousy and hatred all breeds from it.


• Yes, it is evident from the recent events. There is no question about Tribalism, it is everywhere. Going furthur, we Nagas do not consider the non locals as our own.(eg:The murder of Fishmonger in Kohima, nobody even realised to condemn, instead the Nagas makes it as a communal issue. The IBI issue as Muslims vs Christians, which is totally wrong) I mean where is humanity? A disguised Christian stay, i Say. If a society needs progress, the concept of Global Citizenship and Brotherhood should be realised being (REAL) Christians.


• Yes, because it creates division leading to an unhealthy situation.


• Yes, that’s where pride and ego comes in.


• Yes. Everyone knows that the government is totally corrupted with zero development still people blindly support him.  That is call as ‘ism’.


• Yes. Leaders of all hues: NGOs, political parties, tribal hohos, newly formed six nnpgs, national leaders of the past and present have their own agenda. Tribal and regional “ism” are being used as a means to an end. That is, to get maximum slice if a cake (agreement with India) is to be cut today. And it’s now or never, for the eclipse cannot get any closer. Some so called Naga leaders with puny mindsets and puffed egos are obsessed about how the meat (temporary power and pelfs) is to divided amongst them rather than the size of the game/trophy/ agreement with India. Let Nagas give an emphatic thumps down to this “ism”.


• Yes. No society however big or small cannot progress without unity. Unity is an essence of any progressive society. However, looking at the present scenario of naga society, ism has become a threat to naga unity. Ism is seen everywhere. Be it in educational, political, social, religious field, and so and so forth, the existence of ism cannot be ignored. It is at its climax. Because of tribalism, favoritism, nepotism and all kind of isms, Nagas are not able to unite and therefore, this has only put the Naga society at stagnation. Naga society will become even more unprogressive until and unless we erase the so called ‘ism’ from our minds and start looking beyond a tribe, a family and a group. So long as there is ism in our society, naga society will remain stagnant.


• Yes. Because of “ism” majority of people fail to look past it and because of this many phases of progress are stopped dead in their tracks.


• It plays a great role in disintegration of nagas as a whole, Nagaland in particular. Until and unless we crash this virus. better not talk about nationalism, peace, progress and civilization. Its all far cry with this said ‘ism’.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:


• No because the Ism is constructed by those who want the Nagas to remain divided. If we think that the ISM is the main enemy than we are really done for because it means the enemy has succeeded in dividing us.


• No, it is bigotry and corruption at the political and bureaucratic level.


• No, corruption is.


• No. Lack of concrete plans and visions, and the lack of ability to implement them is the greatest enemy of progress in Naga society. If ‘ism’ is a problem, the greatest problem is the unwillingness to break it.


• No, it is one of the major issue but not the greatest.


• No. The greed, selfishness, corruption and mismanagement are the greatest enemies in Naga society too. Ism is like a little kid if compared to other crimes.


• In Naga society ‘ism’ is an after effect problem caused by our political leaders and bureaucrats who corrupts in broad day light misleading and scamming the masses.


• No, It’s not “ism” that is prevalent. But the shadow of “ism” of the past is being exploited by a few leaders with vested interest.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 


• Ism is becoming an issue today because Nagas are losing track of their history and their vision for the future. Since when have Nagas began listening to the Government of India. The GOI said no to Naga sovereignty but our elders fought for sovereignty. They did not accept the GOI’s statement. Today it is very saddening to see how some of our leaders and youngsters are believing and accepting whatever the GOI says. Even if GOI says no sovereignty and no integration, does it mean we take their word and suffer quietly. Our elders continued to resist and so must we.


• Our credulity brothers and sisters… Our innate mannerisms as a species to believe almost anything…From This group…that faction…that elder…this elder…group mentality…that party…this leader…WE HAVE HOLD UP THE POOR LIGHT OF REASON BECAUSE POWER HAS NO JUSTIFICATION. IT EXISTS FOR ITS OWN SAKE and depending on the credulity and gullibility of its “subjects” ..not even citizens…Stay as close to the truth to maintain your equilibrium. Accept power as only what you allow it to be. Many people put up with it because if they denounce it, they run the risk of being exposed that for decades they themselves were fooled and TAKEN FOR GRANTED and allowed to be deceived. In the common mans world, the victim does not want to declare ‘I have been conned!’ The individual has no wish to admit it and the dictator/ leader/ tribal head/ politician/ factions can make it all complicit to further their rule or grip over us. We must not project blame but accept responsibility for ourselves. Muster up some guts.


• Anything is possible in Nagaland. Its very funny but also embarrassing to point out the paradox. Today there are a number of public leaders in different bodies who have not history or inclination to Naga nationalism. All through their lives they have been stuck with the concept of statehood. But, today due to our paradoxical situation they are leading apex organisation. Pure convenience and ism mindedness has taken over principles.


• Political leaders, illiterate goons and some stubborn person are to be blamed for ism.


• Let us be rational and steer clear away from radiant futuristic promises like ‘ solution ‘ collective leadership ‘. These emotions are simply prophylactics to our mind. We have to rebuild the credibility of our Legislative Assembly discredited by the forces promising us another rosy dream. Our work is cut out. We have to work this out and not be held captive and hostage to a surreptitious entity intent on posing itself as a narcissistic alternative which in reality holds out not even a clue..forget transparency. We are the credulous subjects to a cruel experiment. Our age old tranquillity and honourable traditions of liberalism, accountability to one another, respect for oneself and others , our entire moral attributes look meekishly kneeled and surrendered at the behest of this insanity about to be repeated again. Isms can triumph in insecurity and lawlessness where a modicum of and the seeds of fairplay and the tender sinews of love, compassion and fellow feelings stand no chance of germination. The optics are over hopefully. Possibly the grind can hold out a way towards some common ground. Perhaps a Truth and Reconciliation Committee can be mooted to encourage the brutal truth for redressal of any kind of rapprochements simmering. This model helped quell many issues of injustices and injury as a result of Apartheid stricken South Africa before and after Nelson Mandela led its country away from the discomfiture and inhibitions to a recognised and validated path.