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Agri link road under Meluri inaugurated

Phek, April 16 (DIPR): Project Director DRDA, Phek, Neposo inaugurated an agri link road near Tizu river at Phrutheri Khel under Meluri on April 15.
Addressing the gathering he called upon the village leaders to formulate village plan and work with vision. For success of any developmental work, a time frame planning is a must, he said. The financial assistance from the government through NREGA or any other schemes can be lost easily if there is no proper planning and in the long run it would be the public who will be the losers. He also added that any project which is to be undertaken should be on the benefit of the community therefore public discussion and debates should be done before any schemes is taken up. He said that the government is ready to uplift the rural poor with more development, however, the villagers should have positive attitude for bringing any real development. The Project Director lamented on the fact that no big project has come up under Meluri besides their slow progress, therefore he called upon them to initiate mega projects and create durable assets for the benefit future generation. He also called upon them to use the RD fund judiciously for bringing a balance and sustainable development in the areas. The chief guest also gave assurance to look into the matter as earlier the village leaders requested him to issue more job cards as out of 860 households only 530 households have avail the job cards.
Project Officer DRDA Phek also attended the programme. The programme was led by Chairman P. Khel Nyiwatho while Riemüchi invoked God’s blessing. Short speeches were also delivered by Village Council Chairman, Rholetho and VDB Secretary, Sietepa. Vote of thanks was proposed by Joint Secretary P. Khel, Risütho.