Alarming trend of migration to Nagaland worrying

Kohima | July 20 : The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has extended the ongoing ‘non-local verification’ from July 20 till 30, as huge number of non-locals are yet to be verified and the number registered in the 1st phase itself has surpassed the previous phase in 2009. An approximate 15,000 to 20,000 non-locals are projected to be holding up in Kohima town itself. ASU is alarmed by the huge number of migratory trend towards Nagaland. The ever increasing number of migrants includes both skilled and unskilled workers engaged in manual labor, masonry, carpentry, motor mechanics, drivers, shopkeepers, vendors, hawkers etc, ASU speaker Sede Angami said.
ASU after querying with some skilled and unskilled personnel disclosed that the chief factor for the huge migration of workers is good wages, twice or triple of what is earned in states like Bihar, Assam or West Bengal, while some has admitted that the temperate weather and suitable working condition is an additional attraction. In fact the business avenues available and handsome earnings by the skilled and unskilled labors encouraged the influx of illegal immigration and migrants from outside the state.
The exercise have also uncovered that the largest number of migrants with ILP are from Karimganj district of Assam, while ILP holders from Bihar has registered more than West Bengal, ASU said.
ASU once again voiced concern on threats posed by illegal immigration from Bangladesh and the undetected migration from states of Assam West Bengal & Tripura which borders Bangladesh.
By 2015, researchers have identified that global warming will submerge 22,000 sq km in Bangladesh thereby the exodus of estimated 6 million refugees shall flock to the North-East states including Nagaland whereby the present threat to our ethnicity will have far reaching consequences in the form of socio-economic and political crisis, the Union said adding that ASU is constrained to admit that the present work culture of Naga people is the prime factor for the huge number of laborers present which must be changed consequently for a permanent solution from the delicate yet perilous Immigration issue.
Also it is observed that, the lackadaisical attitude of some big-shots and good Samaritans in transporting and harboring illegal immigrants privately for cheap labor has hindered the efforts of the administration as well as the students’ bodies.  ASU cautioned such small-minded individual to stop the practice or face the consequences for jeopardizing the future of Naga people. Further, ASU strongly affirmed, “we as Nagas have overlooked and undermined the looming danger, and awareness must be relayed to the general public by the concerned government agency as well as intellectuals alike.”