K Ritse

Pfutsero town

The meaning of this simple word can be interpreted in many varied connotations base on its situation and circumstances. But the central idea of the real meaning is no other than diversion of it central idea or thought. In the society of this complex world; this very word is mostly used when there is no cohesion or unanimity in a particular group. This word is used commonly to blame each other so as to claim it originality or identity. Be it in social, religion, political, or any other set ups; when the majority of the members favored a particular line of thought, that group is considered to be the winner and the smaller group is being neglected and alienated from the bigger cohesive group. This very word is the most convincing word to sideline each other. When differences of opinion occurred, the mentality of human being whether like or not slashed the blame to the other to the others and directly pictured he/she is being marginalized and make clear justification that he/she is already from the main stream of life.


In extreme case, people blame each other and alienated each other by playing the best game in the society. Such type of slight diversion of thoughts, the minority group of that body is blamed and excluded. When such situation comes, it is very difficult to knit together as one. The rationality of human intellectual power, when applied for a compromised formula base on win-win policy is no more. The worst in that situation is the formation of breakaway group and challenged each other in an ugly manner though the central idea is one and formidable.


Citing an example in the religious fields especially in Nagaland, there are many denominational churches. All believed in Jesus Christ and worship the living almighty God in the churches. But the irony of the churches is the conflict among them; claiming one church is better than the other churches. The bigger agony of the churches is the denomination churches notion of supremacy over one another and split the church councils into several associations and fellowships. It is not good to mention the names of the split denominations, but there are a lot of such cases. Might be it is God’s will to have more church workers for expansion of His kingdom and spread this gospel to all half hearted people. But over all out-look of the Christian society is not looked nice. It is very awkward, when bigger unity of the church council is break-up into smaller unity. God’s purpose of setting-up more churches is more bigger and wider than that of human ability and human rationality. As a layman, we can never apprehend the reason, because our reasoning power is limited to interpret such changes.


In the Naga political arena too, the Nagas have a common vision and had being struggled for common interest (political solution) between Govt. of India and various Naga national political groups led by the strongest and the most prominent recognized body NSCN (IM) and made a ceasefire agreement with the GOI way back in 1997 and then the historic signing of Naga Accord which is called Naga Framework Agreement on 3rd August, 2015. Later on the Govt. of India made ceasefire agreements with almost all NNPGs. But now NSCN(K) group broke away from that agreement and stay aloof. In due course of all these developments it is pained to see several splits and alienations from among various factions such as NSCN (IM), NSCN(K), NSCN (Unification), NSCN (Reformation). Even the first NNC body and FGN also not spared in split and alienation from the original body of oneness. In no way the present trend of alienation theory cannot preserve the unique history and the bigger unity of Nagas as one ethnic group of human race.


Among the Nagaland state political parties such as INC, NPF, NNDP, etc. the alienation of political leaders in their respective political parties are surprised to witness. All political prominent leaders in Nagaland state at one point of time work together in the same body and governed the people of Nagas for a better society. But now, the birds of the same feathers were no more together working for the common welfare of the Naga people. They all work for their own survival of the fittest. The Naga society still considered them as our leaders of the same feathers. Our Naga leaders must realize that they are also going to be out-dated politicians who are to be up-dated their functions for the present younger generation. Even then, it is too early to presume that when out-dated politicians handed over its leadership to young political leaders who are only think for participation in the society just for their own personal gain or benefits and purchase the leadership at the expense of the public, it will have a natural future doom of the Naga society. In that situation, the unique history based on equality of life in all dealings will be perished.


The present civil bodies and various Naga organizations from top to bottom which are vehemently shouting and working for the betterment of Naga society and put their best efforts to check the Govt. and corrupt practices, we appreciate them. But from our bottom of heart something is missing, but we hardly speak out the truth, because it will hurt them. When there is lacking of trust and confidence in us and the cohesion of the society is disturbed in pursuing our cherished goals we expect less success. The fore-runners of the civil bodies such as Naga HOHO, NTC, CNTC, ENPO, NCD, ACCAUT, NSF, so on and so forth, are whole heartedly for a better Naga society, but sometime they too entangled each other and missed the targeted goal by opposing our own dices. The habits of issuing non-cooperation notices and withdrawal notices to the main body, thereby forming apparel body to challenge the main body etc are the new concepts to fight for our rights. This tactics are very much detrimental happenings to our bigger common Naga issue.


Therefore, seen the overall trends of the present Naga society in social, religious fields, political lines and the political parties plus civil bodies our working system never contribute towards an achievement oriented goals. Mostly we followed the theory of alienation in our dealings. Bit by bit, let us appreciate each other and learn to live as one body with a common goal, because we are going to live only one time and pave the right way to the younger generation. All Naga bodies working for our society are just like “Jack of all tracks and master of none”. Let us no more play the game of rolling stone gather no mass. This is a glarion example of Naga style right now and we need to change for a better.