All road repairs using bitumen halted temporarily due to monsoon: Nagaland PWD Minister

All road repairs using bitumen halted temporarily due to monsoon: Nagaland PWD Minister
Nagaland PWD (R&B) Minister Tongpang Ozukum. (File Photo)


IT mapping of  all roads still  under ‘discussion’


Morung Express News

Dimapur | July 5


The repair of major roads in the district headquarters as pledged by the PDA government on March 8 continues. The government had also pledged to complete the repairs within 60 days, which was later toned down to 60 working days.


PWD (R&B) Minister Tongpang Ozukum told The Morung Express today that on account of the monsoon rains, the department has temporarily halted all “bituminous work” in all the districts.



In the meantime, filling up of potholes is continuing, he said, while adding that tarring the roads will resume after the monsoon subsides.



Almost 90 percent of the work is complete in a few districts, the Minister maintained.



The government had also pledged that “A comprehensive master plan for maintenance of all major roads will also be put in place where citizens can monitor and give feedback on progress of works and quality control using information technology and web based mapping software will be implemented within 100 days.”



Queried on this, Ozukum said that planning is on to set it up. He said that the idea is to set up road maintenance task force in all the districts, including sub-divisions in addition to employing IT to map all roads in the states.


This would then allow an IT-based monitoring mechanism to maintain roads and as well as check the progress of projects, he said.


“We are yet to come up with a concrete plan but discussion is going on,” the Minister said, while adding that deploying the “taskforce” would require resources.



Chief Engineer, Limadongdang Jamir added that the work involves GIS mapping of roads and the data accumulated fed to a computer software, which will then be used to monitor works.