Alobo Naga: 100 performances in 2015

Alobo Naga: 100 performances in 2015

2015 has been a very hectic year for Alobo Naga. It is just the beginning of September and he has already played his 100th performance of 2015 at Dehradun, Uttarakhand on his recent Dehradun-MussoorieBreakFree tour with Live Jam.


He performed at some of the best schools & colleges like Doon International, Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie International, Hopetown Girls, Chayya Café, NTC etc. sharing his music & his testimony. Did 12 shows across Dehradun &Mussoorie from 24th August till 30th August.


During the programs Alobo Naga performs his original songs and share how God helped him to achieve his dreams, after he gave his life and dreams to God and the various challenges he faced as a teen while growing up. He was accompanied by Abhishek Peters from Lucknow, Jonathan Harrison from Delhi &LiveJam Volunteers from Dehradun.


LiveJam is a youth movement, passionate to see transformation of Urban Youth through Music and Media.Livejam identify Christian Artiste around India and send them across cities visiting schools. Livejam is touring across 27 cities across India and more than 12 international countries.


An annual feature among schools in India, the BreakFree Tour is based on the theme FREEDOM & IDENTITY. The theme is based on the premise of a young person breaking free from anything that prevents him/her from living a fulfilling life. It is a shift from bondage to freedom. In keeping with the current socio-cultural scenario among teenagers in India, LiveJam meets them at their point of need (teenage/adolescent years) in a favorable environment (their school setting) and through creative platforms (of music and media) with which they can easily identify.