Be the ambassadors of peace, Arunachali lawmaker to Nagas

Be the ambassadors of peace, Arunachali lawmaker to Nagas

Tzürangkong, June 1 (MExN): The Naga students should be ambassadors of peace and do something for the Naga society and the state of Nagaland, the Arunachal Pradesh Parliamentary Secretary, Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs, Laisam Samai challenged today.


“It is the duty of the students to bring peace in the society and northeast region of India,” the Arunachali legislator said while addressing the students as the theme guest of the 27th NSF General Conference on Thursday.
Every individual should participate and each has important role to play to bring peace in the northeast region, Samai said urging the student communities to look at the bigger picture, compromise on the small differences among the different northeast communities and move ahead for peace and prosperity in the region.
Naga students through their participation in the students’ bodies can be a game changer in the society and also be ambassadors of peace and do something for the society, he further pointed out.
Do away with tribalistic, clannish outlook: Dr Pfrokrehe
Dr Xavier Pfrokrehe, who was the main speaker at the morning session, enlightened the audience while expousing on the theme of the general conference ‘Amelioration’.


Saying that the word ‘amelioration means intellectual and moral refinement’, he said the NSF needs to identify the changes that they need in the society and find ways about how to bring about the change.


The Head of the Department of Philosophy NEHU-Shillong lamented that the Naga society today is riddled with violence, corruption and moral decadence.


Towards this end, he stressed that the NSF leaders should not concentrate in their narrow field but gain knowledge in inter-disciplinary fields.


Learn to be human, to be cultured and to be peace loving citizens, Pfrokrehe urged.
Naga people’s inability to convert abundant natural resources in wealth is because of lack of intellectual refinement or amelioration, he further maintained.


“If the Nagas have to ‘ameliorate’, then the people need to excel, to examine, reexamine, reflect and do away with ‘tribalistic, clannish, individualistic outlook,” the Professor challenged.


He also urged the students to inculcate moral values so that they can bring about amelioration in the Naga society.


The morning session of the day 3 of the conference ended with a brain storming session, where in the Pros and Cons of the NSF were discussed openly and how NSF should usher Nagas to a brighter and unified Nagas tomorrow by playing a pivotal role of amelioration, informed a press release from the Media Committee NSF.