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Amenuo Khoubve wins Open Art Competition

Amenuo Khoubve wins Open Art Competition
Winners of the Open Art Competition along with the organisers.


Morung Express News

Amenuo Khoubve was declared the winner of the Open Art Competition for the 'Specially-abled' persons organised by Tribal Vision which was held on December 7 at The Heritage, Kohima.

Nokmachier L. Jamir and Suveinai Sevaroleko were adjudged the second and third winners of the competition while the consolation prizes were won by Gwachilo Seb, Wikimkamliu Newmai and Kelhouletuonuo Dzuvichu. Themed 'Green Environment', Diethono Nakhro, State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) graced the event as the guest speaker.

Advocating the need for inclusion in Naga society, Nakhro rued over the exclusivity of Naga society where events and activities continues to be held without much sensitivity and awareness on the plight of the marginalized.  

“Disability is still seen as something that has to be kept apart and separate – it is still seen as something that cannot be included in regular activities,” asserted Nakhro.

While acknowledging Tribal Vision for organising the Open Art Competition, Nakhro called out on the authorities and the organisers of various agencies for continuing to propagate the mindset of exclusivity. “When we talk about the need for inclusion, making a programme inclusive & so on, one thing that will come up for sure is that it’s too difficult, it’s too expensive or it’s too much hard work.  Yes, I agree that challenges exist – to put inclusion into practice one definitely has to make that little extra effort and walk that little extra mile,” said Nakhro. The longer one continues to dismiss inclusion as too difficult or too expensive, Nakhro asserted, society continues to dismiss 'the disability community as third class citizens not worth including and we continue to leave behind our children with disabilities'.

Surhuveyi Tetseo, Chairman, Tribal Vision in his welcome address stated that the purpose of the competition is to bring specially abled persons/ differently abled persons to showcase their talents and 'to give a positive message to the people around us that we are all equal'.

Tetseo viewed that everyone have one disability or the other. "Some people have disabilities in learning, some in mathematics, some in music, some in English so on. But if we are determined we can achieve so many things in life despite our disabilities," said Tetseo.

With an objective to spread the message of caring for the environment, Tetseo noted that the theme 'Green Environment' was chosen.

"During this season of hornbill festival 2019, many tourists from different parts of the world are here, so through this competition we want to give a positive message to the world around us with this specially abled persons that we care our world and our environment," said Tetseo.



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