An appeal to ACAUT and PSAN

Akavi Naga
Purana Bazaar, Dimapur


Through this column, as a layman, I would to like to the kind attention of the Convener Public Liaison of Against Corruption And Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), President of Public Service Aspirant of Nagaland (PSAN) and its Media Cell to kindly clarify on the following points:


(1) What course of action is the ACAUT and PSAN, planning to take up for those contract/backdoor government servants, whose service had been regularized after 10/04/2006 till date?


(2) Can the 1116 contract teachers, now proceed for their service regularization? since the fight against backdoor appointment by the ACAUT and PSAN is only against the 706 posts which were supposed to be sent to the NPSC.


(3) Does the ACAUT and PSAN mean to imply that there are only backdoor appointments in only 35 government department i.e. 706 post out of more than 60 government departments.