An Appeal to Our Esteemed Naga Leaders/Politicians

Merenzungla Longkumer

Midland, Dimapur


Maybe I’m only a child to you and maybe I’m not even old enough to address this to you. Yet I think that I am not in the wrong here, while trying to beg you to understand. I’m not against any individual, organization or political parties nor am I trying to cause a controversy. I’m just a 16 year old girl wanting to express my views and perceptions of our Naga leaders because I am awestruck by your ways and how you are insensitive to the needs of your people.


Since I was a child, I had always thought of you as my idols. I was always awed at how you had the authority to bring changes in the society and make peace among the people. I thought you were the most blessed ones of God that He gave you such a privilege, such an awesome platform to make a nation progress in every spheres of life. I was a child then, and I didn’t know that in every good, evil lurks to gain control and that while you have the authority to bring peace, also have the authority to cause evil. I was a child and a child reasons like a child and chooses to see the goodness, rather than the evil and I so wish I could see your goodness even now but with age comes understanding and I am pained to know about the havoc you can cause in our society – corruption, greed, unemployment of educated youths to name a few. How blinded have you become? Why are you so heartless? Your people chose you to bring about good, but I sense that now there is no hope left in us and I am not saying that you are the only one at wrong. We are all wrong here because we were also blinded by your sweet promises and – A blind cannot lead the blind.


I loved to hear the term, “Nagaland for Christ” because it signifies unity among the Nagas which sadly has not yet materialized and we’ve failed to implement it. There is such division among our Naga brothers and sisters today that “Nagaland for Christ” is just a mere hearsay. There are well-meaning people who are working day and night – to bring a positive change, to unify us Nagas but they can just leave sparks which fizzle out after sometime. The authority to ignite the fire of truth lies in your hands, even a minute change among you can ignite a beautiful flame in the souls of the Naga brothers and sisters. The hope of Nagaland for Christ is not dead – it’s just merely buried really deep down and only you can dig it out and unify the Naga people.


I urge upon you not to be blinded by the power you are given or the wealth you possess. You have all you want and more, yet you are not willing to share or use your power for the good of your people. Can’t you remember the times you were also just a common man, when you struggled and that these people helped you to become who you’ve become today?


Nagaland is a small land of brothers and sisters. We are protected by God’s powerful hands from the chaos of the world and we are special to God because He chose us above all other people to be protected and nurtured through His grace. I beg you to not misuse your authority, to not play with the ultimate authority of God. You were chosen by the people and by God, so the power lies in your hands to see Nagaland reach greater heights as one united people and one united state – we still have hope in you to mend your ways and serve God and your people in the true sense of the word.