An entrepreneur’s inspiration from battling loss

An entrepreneur’s inspiration from battling loss
Hokuto Yeptho (left) and his friend engaged in their work. (Morung Photo)


Limeka Achumi
Dimapur | December 6


Only one of its kinds in the Lhomithi Signal colony, Dimapur stands ‘P K Frames,’ a store which crafts and markets frames of all sizes. The price of the product ranges from Rs. 80 to Rs. 4000, each depending on their size measurement. While the store itself stands out, the owner, Hokuto Yeptho is no less exceptional in terms of strategy building. Here are few statements why.


Sharing about why he chose to start up his business in Lhomithi colony rather than in the other commercialized areas of Dimapur district, Yeptho said, “I have known and heard about the locals having to go till town to get their photos framed and I could only sit and wonder how convenient it would be for the locals and profit for the person who sets up a frame store. And that thought got me working, so here I am.”


Like any other, Yeptho has his own tale of gain and loss in his business. Talking about the business strategies, he stated that “not everyday people will find themselves buying frames.” Therefore, in order to sustain and build up his business, the aspiring entrepreneur said he applies others strategies to amend the loss. Hitherto he has put his hands into stitching, driving and printing.


With Christmas celebration in every nook and corner, he has begun making stars from bamboo and cloth, each along with a light bulb and electrical wire costing Rs. 500, while on other days he would drive cabs or provide services such as print outs and photo copy. There even have been times when he took up the job of a local guide. Instead of drowning in self pity after a loss, he always made sure to keep his brain adventurous by indulging in activities that not just provided finance but also opened the door to more learning and consolidating knowledge on the vast options of subjects.


However, he always maintained his frame making business as his full-time work and has no plans on quitting it. “It’s been only a year since we have opened therefore, it will take quite some time for the locals to notice and soon then there’ll be a steady growth,” said Yeptho.


Speaking about the PK Frames, Yeptho said it was his elder brother who had planted the idea of frame making in his head. “Hence, I chose to open up a frame making shop when I got the chance as an entrepreneur,” stated Yeptho justifying his choice of frame making when there were several other choices. He even named the store after his father, P. Katoshe. “Family has and will always be a priority,” added Yeptho, while talking about the role of his family in bringing alive his plans on entrepreneurship.


“The frames are rigid and satisfactory. The store has also been quite a convenience in terms of proximity and reliability,” said Mughabo, a satisfied customer.


The writer is currently an intern at The Morung Express.