AN OPEN LETTER To Dr. Shiirhozelie Liezietsu, Minister for Higher Education and Urban Development, government of Nagaland

•-I am writing this open letter to you as an appeal to your good office to take corrective measures in the prevailing management system of private colleges under 2f & 12b status (UGC) particularly in the area of salaries.
Sir, I do understand that some private colleges in Nagaland have already achieved 2f & 12b status under UGC Act, which makes them eligible to receive various developmental grants from UGC. These colleges in order to get permanent affiliation and recommendation by the University for UGC status of 2f & 12b needs to fulfill certain criteria, one of which is the standard salaries for teaching staff. But the irony is that most of these colleges are paying far less than the required pay. These colleges while applying for permanent affiliation assures or showed high salary statement to the University in order to get permanent affiliation. But fulfilling the UGC criteria is a far cry. The management shows high salaries to the university in paper (Rs.15,000 to 18,000 Pm ) .But in reality they pay less than Rs 7000 Pm.
The management’s apathy towards the teaching faculty has demoralized the teachers. It is a known fact that a starving teacher cannot impart quality education to the students. If the Government wants QUALITY Education for better and productive future generations, than it ought to look into the grievances of teachers. These affiliated colleges should set a bench mark by paying handsome salary to the teachers. That will motivate other colleges to follow for higher standard of education. Moreover the NAAC Accreditation assessment will definitely question the standard of salary of the colleges under the UGC Act.
Therefore, I on behalf of all the aggrieved teachers request your good office to kindly intervene and direct (and not only advice) the college managements to pay as per the UGC Act. Please send a fact finding team and interview the lecturers than the truth will be known.
 Justice delayed is Justice denied.

Ms.Kim Ralte
Aggrieved Lecturer, Dimapur