ANCSU president calls for improving overall performance of colleges

Our Correspondent
Kohima | October 23


All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) president Tsukjem Longkumer has urged the state government to give importance and attention for improving overall performance of the colleges in the State.


In his presidential address during the 17th biennial general conference of ANCSU here Thursday, he said during 2013-2014, ANCSU toured all the districts. “In fact, we were deeply saddened seeing the pathetic conditions of the colleges across the state, found during our visit. There are many colleges in Nagaland both government and private, which need the attention of the government, particularly in matters of infrastructure.” He urged the state government to give importance and attention for improving the overall performance of those colleges.


He also highlighted the drawback of late declaration of degree results by Nagaland University. He stated that many brilliant Naga students have missed good opportunities of studying in reputed colleges outside the state owing to delay in declaration of results. “Another important issue is marking system presently practiced by the Nagaland University/NBSE. Many deserving students have been victimized due to the poor marking system. This is a serious matter and needs to be seriously viewed and addressed by the University/Board as well as colleges,” Longkumer said.


Touching on scholarship issue, he said except Nagaland, other northeastern states are getting the refund of entire college expenses. He cited that Arunachal Pradesh students are getting nearly Rs. one lakh, whereas Naga students are getting less than ten thousand. This, he said, is another notable issue where along with ANCSU, other apex student organizations should give due importance on the disparity of scholarship sanctioned by the state and the central government.


Stating that our society desperately needs transformation, he said, “And to transform our society, we need a paradigm shift from the grass root level.”


He further stated that the future of a society depends on the mindset and attitude of the youth and urged upon the gathering to realize that “without our active involvement and participation, without our contribution, our Naga society will never progress.”