Appeal to join the mainstream politics of Nagaland

Speech of Z. Royim Yimchungrü the acting president of Naga National Council on the occasion Of Naga National Martyrs’ Day of 18th October 2017



Dear Naga people,


Today, 18th October, is the Naga National Martyrs’ Day. Every year, on this date, we the National workers and the people remember our Naga Martyrs’ who laid down their precious lives for the freedom of Nagaland. From 1952 till now, so many patriots have been killed defending sovereign our homeland from Indian and Burmese (Myanmar) forces.


Thanks to these martyrs, who fought and died for freedom, our inalienable sovereign rights still stand today, making the Nagas a distinct people in this part of the world.


The Naga patriots, who laid down their lives in thousands, were fighting for Naga sovereignty only. Therefore, we the living people must remember the brave Martyrs who have preserved the historical and political rights of freedom for the Naga people as a whole.


Therefore on this solemn occasion I, on behalf of the NNC, salute the Naga Martyrs and their families as we observe the Day in prayer and petition to God Almighty.


The Naga political campaign for sovereign rights began long before the British left, was reaffirmed before India became independent and maintained ever since by the people and the NNC in particular.


Mainland Nagaland is the crucible of all politics in the contiguous Naga-inhabited areas and the North-East region. And NNC in particular is the parent of all politics in the region. Therefore, historically and politically nobody can deny the facts of the Naga struggle in the region.


After seven long decades of struggle to get legally indisputable recognition of our political status, the six Naga National Political Groups are currently in dialogue with Government of India (GOI) by official invitation. The fact that the present GOI, knowing full well that the Naga political struggle started from mainland Nagaland and was mandated by the people, is serious about settling the political problem of the Nagas is a positive sign and welcomed by the majority in the Naga Homeland.


And this serious political dialogue should result in an amicable and acceptable political solution ensuring honor and dignity for the Nagas to create permanent peace in the region.


Today, the NNC is also gravely concerned about immigrants, especially the Bangladeshis called Miyas, in the Naga Homeland, who are creating many evils. In particular, they are enticing local Naga girls for marriages of convenience. If this trend is unchecked then the mixed blood children will dominate the rich and blessed land of ours and this is one of the most serious problems the Naga people are facing today. Therefore, before it is too late, the Naga people as a whole must chase them out from the entire land without mercy.


In this matter of grave concern, the whole North East indigenous people must rise up together to do the job with full and joint cooperation physically, strategically and logistically before illegal Bangladeshi immigrants take over this rich and beautiful region of ours.


Now, I am happy to report that Naga people from all walks of life are coming forward in support of six Naga national political groups. This is of utmost importance because only with the strength of unity can we achieve our aims.


Therefore, the NNC on behalf of the united majority six NNPGs appeal to the remaining three groups to join the mainstream politics of Nagaland mandated by the people for political settlement in the best interest of all for peace in the homeland.


God Bless my Nagaland.


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