On appointment of Advisors to Dimapur Municipal Council

Hejeto Chishi
Former Member (Ward No. 9)
Dimapur Municipal Council


I, as a former councillor of the Dimapur Municipal Council having concern for well being and smooth functioning of the office of the civic body would like to share my personal view on the appointment of advisors to the DMC. For the first time in the history, the office of Dimapur Municipal Council, since the time of Dimapur Town Committee was raided by the vigilance, bringing bad image to the reputation of the office. The raid was conducted during the time when the office was functioning under a team advisors, which itself is glaring example of how the office had become corrupt under the advisors. On the other hand, people of Dimapur have evidently seen tremendous improvement in the function of the DMC as well as developmental activities taking place in the town even without a single advisor, when DMC has functioned under the Chief Executive Officer. Therefore, I urge the concerned department in-charge of municipal affairs not to appoint advisors to the DMC but to let the office run under the CEO for greater interest and all round development of Dimapur till election for the urban local body is held.