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Arcane Aspirations

We all had an ambition once in our childhood; some of us have changed that towards something else, and some still hold onto it. At some junctures, some have drastically tainted their inclinations. The same thing happened to me, as I did not find the way as it should be.
Nagas have global aspirations, we should be proud of that. Influences from others outside come in abundantly, and surprisingly we tend to think outside of the tribal box.
I asked an intelligent Naga about his ambition, he said he wants to be a writer but I know him very well as a good doodler than a student who would want to jot down what the teacher says. He does not like reading newspaper and articles. He wants to write books and sell it at very impressive prices to make quick and easy money like some writers who sell their books at high rates, while the world’s renowned authors sell their books at affordable rates.
Then I asked a friend who is usually he spokesman in the gang, he said he wants to be a politician, but he has a fear of oration or rather ochlophobia. He cannot speak in front of people at formal gatherings though he is definitely the best in his own informal gang. Similar with the case of a church youth who articulates every word outside the church but trembles on the pulpit just for singing or reading the word of God.
I grilled another Naga girl about her inclination, she said “a doctor”. How I see her so promising but the hitch is that she has distaste for science o anything that has to do with formulae and numerals. I guess she got her role model from a local doctor who practices his/her private pharmacy outside the government office (and never attending to the patients in the government hospital), which might leave the innocent villagers saying: “the patient dies before the doctor arrives”.
I interrogated another Naga friend, he said he wants to be a linguist or a philologist, he replied in Nagamese of course (it wouldn’t be a shame if I’d asked in Nagamese to get away with the awkward condition that he couldn’t even speak his own mother tongue). I believe he’s on the wrong track without a baggage but a strong aim to run a thousand mile which leads to nowhere, that will be hard to bear once he finds out afterwards that he left his gear at the station and is deported somewhere else.
Ventured so far, yet I quizzed another tribal damsel about her desires, she said, “I wanna study art and culture, write poems, organize tribal shows, take part in road shows dazzlingly, fight national identity, produce tribal plays…” She cannot move a step of our dance, or sing a tune of our songs. Many like her grow up from towns and cities and have/had been in hostels or abroad hardly experiencing a true village life, yet they want to be the tribal pioneers.
Yet again, I asked some intellectual Naga boys and girls, they said ‘Fashion Designers’. That incredible! Well we have tried many times with a theme slightly saying ‘make little modern’, and now we have hybrids and new fashions. Where is the old? It is gone; nobody cares for the old attires.
Many have aspiration that is way too much for them; they have tried to do something different but ended up in a very different way. The same case may be applied to those theological students who say they want to be missionaries but never compassionate in their daily lives in hostels or at homes. Or a person who wants to go for doctoral programs but have never started studying at the moment. Ironically, some Nagas dream to be something else, which they are not good at. Paradoxical it may seem, there is no paradigm for some of them who aspires but their intention is on something else. A limelight is being projected but the mass is all that matters.