Are education institutions in Nagaland becoming too commercialised? Give reasons.

•    It's all about how to get more money by increasing the fees every year by citing new reasons each time and deviating from the actual goal and purpose. Parents are left with no choice but to pay as changing schools is not a viable option both for parents and kids as well.
•    Yes. We can say without a shadow of doubt that the educational institutes are more focused on commercialisation, rather than quality education. Just look at the number of students per classroom. A quick scan around the schools and colleges will tell you that they are taking in more students that their capacity. Schools and colleges should not focus on profit alone.
•    Yes. The number of schools in Nagaland are increasing by the day but the standard and criteria laid down are not be followed. Most of the schools do not even have a proper football pitch and other basic facilities. The fees too are on the higher side. Remember education is not business.
•    Yes, whenever the results of class 10 and class 12 are out, the institution will start publishing their admission advertisement in newspaper by putting their students achievements. This shows the factories and commercialization mindset of educational institutions. That is why even toppers cannot contribute to the economy nor in innovative ideas or solutions because of factories mindset.
•    Yes, Education Institutions are becoming commercialised in Nagaland. And rightfully so because in a World of capitalism that’s the way if Nagas want to compete Nationwide. As long as education is Under capitalised in private sector, Nagaland will always be underdogs and run on 2000+ crore deficit annually. The Govt sector school are a site to visit for our esteem Ministers. That’s what lobbyist and unchallenged position lead us to. Privitaisation and commercialisation is the only way to better the future of Nagaland moving forward given the incompetency of our Govt system
•    Educational institutions in Nagaland are becoming too commercialized. Education, which is a basic need of mankind has become very expensive and costlier. Yes while some institutions impart quality education at reasonable fees but again there are many institutions that charge high fees to provide education.
•    In such cases there are instances of students leaving institutions in half way because they are not able to pay their dues on time. Sad to see educational institutes becoming more of a commercial hubs in our state. This is our state Nagaland, sad to see it happening in the so called Nagalim for Christ
•    Yes ....from the private school they focuses more on students enrollment rather than imparting education for the future.....the more enrollment it is there more income they have ... infact in one sense private school is one among the so called BLACK BUSENIESS
•    Yes, no doubt.
•    Yes yes big yes
•    Yes too comercialise but little utility education. After years of education, after spending so much money at the end of the day zero skills and unemployed.
•    Obviously yes they run for enrolment without a quality education
•    Just Look at the outcome from the colleges.
•    Yes, it has turned into a money making industry and nothing more.
•    Higher intake of students, unbalanced form of mark scoring, lesser teaching faculty with higher student intake ratio of <teacher:student> , quantity based rather than quality based, higher cost of fees
•    YES! Commercialisation has also accentuated the process of learning towards a mechanical/good result-oriented approach.
•    The Nagaland government should implement policies and take measures to see that educational institutes are following them in letter and spirit. One of the complaints that we often hear is that many of the educational institutes do not provide the infrastructure, eg. playing field, that they are meant to. Another complaint is that some schools and colleges are taking in students far beyond their capacity and this is affecting the quality of education.


•    Perhaps political responsible are not resonate with the future directly which no confidence about youths growth innocent visible to approve any reconsider the other side manual testing profile and that's a caused by the political climate by no economic growth in the time frame on.