Are free and fair elections in Nagaland possible in the near future?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Yes, free and fair elections in Nagaland will one day become a reality when the election system becomes a Naga electoral process. Right now the Indian system of elections will not work because people’s sentiments are against it but once the election system in Nagaland becomes a Naga election system than people will support it and will do the best.
•    Only when real patriotism–love of one’s country–takes precedence over the self-centered ambition of the individuals.
•    provided we have a considerable GDP growth. nagas are not many. every family can be economical sound.every child can be given quality education. we have the potential to achieve this.only then free and fail election will follows. it is not free and fair election first but improved living standard first. Morung Pull is an excellent idea to pull public opinion, but sadly not even i per cent of the population read it. the stake holders and decision makers avoids it. so, why not morung pulls and other public opinions initiated by morung foundation are printed and  circulated for a larger coverage. funding will not be a problem.
•    younger generation ll be more empowered  

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    No, why dont people speak out openly the plain truth which is known to all of us. Its the election system in Nagaland which has created this gun culture and money power and also the free distribution of alcohol and sex during election time. The elections in Nagaland has destroyed many young peoples lives. It is the elections in Nagaland that has corrupted the people and they have made sure that the different underground factions dont unite, so that they can take advantage of the situation. This Indian elections in Nagaland is part of the divide and rule policy. Unfortunately the people are not willing to publicly condemn this. Nagas are democratic people, but this Indian electoral system is divisive and has corrupted Nagaland.
•    All i can think of free and fair election is to dream and keep dreaming. Even a dead will rise again if there is free and fair election in Nagaland.
•    No, I dont think there will be free and fair elections unless a number of things happen. First, the Naga political issue must be resolved. This is the very important if some kind of normalcy is to be established. Secondly, the mindset of the people must grow to become politically mature. Thirdly, the use of money power must be curbed. The debates around election should no longer be influenced by money power. Finally, the electoral system in Nagaland must be revamped because the present system only encourages unfair and unfree means.
•    Not At This Point. Govt r the Biggest Thief Motherhood in naga society. Even In coming Future there is no Way for Nagas to b Free or Fair Land. God Save Our Nagaland.
• There are many elements, they think they are the guardian …they will not allow…
• R U Mad….. Who Is This Fool Behine This….. How many money did this person eat. Warning
• nagaland is too corrupted. may be after some 20-30 years it may be possible and that also only if we start changing the systems and processes involved in it from today.
• not posible at all..indian nagaland state elections are nothing but it goes against our NAGA CAUSE!plus..there is no state politicians who r selfless n visionary .al of them r cn we xpect development 4m coruptd and moneysuckrs evn if we vote..its a waste of time!
•    Impossible as long as AK 47s exist if its only an overground politics then LAW & Order can be imposed at any cost BUT till then democratic election is distances dream for Nagaland.
•    The state leaders n the politicians have allready done so much corruption in the mind of the public, the publics r corrupted n it wil kip going in this way until n unless the leaders n the politicians stop playing their dirty politics 2 d people of Nagaland.
•    Being neighbouring state of manipur, the corruption slowing flowing to nagaland state too. its a high time we nagas re-introspect and work for the future of the state.
•    NO No No No No No No No No No….. Its Not Possible In Nagaland.
•    Neither the system, nor the electorates are brave enough to let this happen. We are either cowards or blinded by greed.  
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    I dont see any free and fair elections until and unless there is a complete overhauling of the electoral system in Nagaland. Even though elections is a democratic exercise, it is also important that elections are conducted in a democratic manner, and this is not the case in Nagaland. Also, in a country like India that is so diverse, the electoral process should not be uniform, it should be applied according to the effectiveness of each state so that it becomes free and fair.
•    Why dont the Indian govt realize that in the heart of hearts, majority of the Nagas do not approve or support the Indian system of elections. This is the crust of the matter. So naturally when majority of the Nagas do not support or believe in Indian elections, the electoral process in Nagaland is bound to be corrupt and filled with foul play and money power. Most of the people really do not care at all because they do not believe in it, though it affects them miserably.
•    Unless the political scenario changes and there is complete overhauling in Nagaland, nothing much will come out. This is the sad truth.