Are Naga intellectuals contributing new thoughts and ideas to the society?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes, there are a few sensible wise Nagas who use their intellectual capacity to make a difference in Naga society. Take for instance the fight against climate change or for that matter the Naga reconciliation process are all contributions that are being made meaningfully by individuals who have the intellectual capacity to think against the wave.
• The educated group of Nagas can contribute much more and they should be more honest in acknowledging that they are ones messing things up in Nagaland. There is a need for some creative synergy so that those gifted with the human intellect rise up to contribute wisely to the Nagas. It needs more than just intellectual ability; it requires compassion for the society and above all the courage to fight against a corrupt system. We have intellectuals who are not compassionate enough or courageous enough. I wish the intellectuals would read this and feel moved to contribute to the Naga society.
• Yes, they do contribute but when the time comes to solve they will be inside their cocoons.
• Definitely. But who reads their works or suggested road-maps? Only fellow intellectuals, not policy or decision makers. Intellectuals, particularly academia are never given any importance. They are seen as judges and critics at students’ functions not as somebody who can contribute. One may be surprised to read of work and wealth that Naga intellectuals are contributing in their books and papers but, sadly, the mind-set and attitude need to change from top-down. How I wish we have a research and extension task force which will yield very useful results for our society.
• yes.. But it has not stirred the minds of the masses. We need revolutionary and radical ideas at the same time the society should be able to digest and absorb it. The public in nagaland is very weak and immature to accept new ideas though.. And sadly we still dont have a dynamic role model leader in our society to deliver it.
• yes. when no treat to life by those unwanted element, naga intellectuals will surly contribute towards betterment of naga society because if we persist on present system nagas will be doomed.
• Yes, Naga intellectuals were definitely contributing new thoughts and ideas to the society. But to be very honest our Naga intellectuals were not so smart to convince the mass. Besides, they don’t work collectively.
• yes, indeed. but sadly societies are more often driven by politicians, bureaucrats and rich. and therefor intellectual contributions are least honored which is definitely one factor that the society at large remains backward and wrongly informed i many fields.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• They are the most silent and complacent of the whole Naga society. Maybe the Naga intellectuals have already been co-opted by the government. When they should be voicing out against injustice, the intellectuals are keeping quiet. They have become part of the oppression.
• What ideas? Nothing seems to have changed for decades.
• There is no evidences as yet to any contribution whatever it be in making the naga society better n go forward.
• They are too afraid to share any contrary opinions, although they may have correct assessment of situations.
• nothing has changed with the advent of more educated n intellectuals in our society. The reason is all the same… nagas will remain nagas.
• who are the real intellectuals?:;;;;I is seen that, naga society is going stays dormant n without growth. It is time we realise that society needs educated ppl to make any differences.
• No, the Naga intellectuals are silent and this is worrying. When people who are educated and have been empowered with knowledge I cant understand why they are keeping silent. The Naga intellectuals have become part of the problem.
• Vested interest, divide common people for own benefit, and not for constructive Nagaland.
• The intellectuals are all sucked into the system. There is no way we can try changing our society. ITS ALL POLITICS.
• My question is who is a Naga intellectual? We have many PhDs and research scholars in Nagaland, but are they really intellectuals. Is education degree the criteria to qualify as a Naga intellectual. This is a serious question because a lot of people these days have this self-importance attitude and of course they are messing things up.
• Because most of them think only for their growth but not for the society.
• The ideas and thoughts are all stale and stinking.
• By the way..who are the intellectuals?
• Not at all. They are the ones who are intellectually suppressing the birth of new ideas to change Nagaland. The Naga intellectuals have been co-opted.
• No, thoughts and ideas are linked to science and technology much more than we would care to admit, The nil contribution is there for all to see Ethnographical account of half savages cannot be termed as contributions, neither the blind imitation of western revivalist evangelical movements.
• No, they are adding to the prevailing confusion and crisis because most of the Naga intellectuals do not have a position on anything. Instead they just follow the prevailing trend, which is suicidal. Its time for them to wake up.
• No, they are adding to the prevailing confusion and crisis because most of the Naga intellectuals do not have a position on anything. Instead they just follow the prevailing trend, which is suicidal. Its time for them to wake up.
• No because there is no scope for the intellectuals to bring ideas, because of the only fact that they are suppressed by all the factions around.
• Many naga intellectuals are from high class family and do not know the problems faced by their own brothers, as such they dont contribute to society. on the other hand those who are concern with the problems faced by us are afraid to speak because of underground elements and politicians underground nexus.
• This is the main reason why Naga movement is not getting anywhere.
• Not enough to create a stir or revolution. Havent seen any brave outspoken intellectual in our society.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• The Naga intellectuals can and should actually be playing a big role in Naga society, but unfortunately their voices are hardly heard. There is a difference between scholars and intellectuals and this distinction needs to be made in the Naga context. Not all Naga scholars are intellectuals. Once this truth is recognized than maybe a clearer understanding will take place. Its surprising that even politicians and bureaucrats dont seek the opinion of intellectuals. Maybe they seek the help of scholars, but not intellectuals. I wish the politicians and bureaucrats will seek the opinion of intellectuals in policy matters. If the role of intellectuals grow in Naga society, I am sure positive change will take place.
• Its a funny and yet an important question. Its really comical because those self-style Naga intellectuals are the ones creating more confusion in the society. I feel the newspapers too should not always give needless space to these self-styled Naga intellectuals who seem to have an opinion about anything and everything. They may think they are contributing to society, but rather society is just laughing away at them.
• Very few intellectuals contributed.
• The problem is that most of the intellectuals have compromised their principles and have become too comfortable.
• They don’t speak out when they need to speak out. Rather than giving constructive suggestions, the intellectuals are always negative and criticizing and this has only isolated them further. Maybe the intellectuals need a crash course in public re
lations so that they can be more effective in the contributions.