Are Organising Yearlong Festivals in A Deficit State Like Nagaland Contributing To The State’s Economic Development?

Are Organising Yearlong Festivals in A Deficit State Like Nagaland Contributing To The State’s Economic Development?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes to a selected few.

• Yes. Of course small scale business will, but the government should check and take action to shopkeeper if the charge extra or high amount. Of course its festival but the price should be kept in balance. The more tourists come, the more Nagaland grow.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Nagaland government needs to get its priorities straight. No doubt, we Nagas enjoy our festivals and our drinks, but should that become the priority of the government. Everyone knows the sad state of affairs beginning with our roads to salaries to our pathetic deficit. Its time for the state and the people to take stock of our priorities. Tourists are visiting us only for two weeks. The rest of the weeks we have to do with our pathetic situation.

• No. Infrastructure remains poor and the system exceedingly corrupt.

• No. Only hype, rhetoric, the expenditures plus hard works put for preparation of the festival exceed far more than the income. It was alleged that Nagaland Doctors earns maximum income after the festival on account of abortion. These innocent girls are our own daughters and I feel sad to hear about it. Nagas have to do serious introspection and set up industries, call-centers, educational institution, medical colleges, provides incentive for agriculture etc instead of this festival.

• No. Example: Hornbill festival benefits only the Kohima people.

• No. Not at all. Rather the government is spending more on the festival than in developing the economy. And Hornbill Festival seems to be a time for anyone to make Fast Buck! The criticisms we got from the tourists (both domestic and foreign) should be an eye opener for us and the government.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Reliable statistics and figures are required to ascertain such claim in either way. Little do we (people) know about the figures.

• The government must have a proper policy to systematically implement a people friendly tourism policy, only then can tourism be a potential for development. But right now, the Nagaland state government seems clueless. Their decision to declare Mini-Hornbill was a wrong move. It was done to appease the tribes rather than to contribute in a meaningful manner.

• How long will the people be fooled? Our young people are intoxicated by international groups and bands that grace the Hornbill festival, but do they actually make any difference in bettering our lives? Hornbill Festival is like the Opium to numb the common sense of the public.

• Call for reports. Attendance, expenses and what was budgeted. And some assessments need to talk place so that it is better and more creative every year. Tourism Police great but what else? How are Nagaland Govt and organizing committee making logistical matter easier for guests? These are very critical or just another funs days.