Are the Nagas of Nagaland State doing enough to develop a sense of nationhood with Nagas beyond the State’s borders? How?

Are the Nagas of Nagaland State doing enough to develop a sense of nationhood with Nagas beyond the State’s borders? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. If Nagaland State was not formed, the Naga national movement would not have gained so much of power and influence. As much as the Nagaland state divided the Naga people into artificial boundaries, it has strengthened the Naga nationalists.

• Yes. It is Nagaland State that has sustained the Naga movement.

• Yes. Nagas of Nagaland are financing all the groups the most.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. It is a historical fact that Nagas have been divided internationally and also nationally. Because of these divisions our local situations are different. Sometimes we approach our Naga national issue based on our local territorial issues and this causes confusion since realities are different. While we need organizations to deal with the local issues within each territorial unit, we also need umbrella organizations to work on the larger Naga issues. This is where we are far behind. Each local situation is making their issue bigger than the Naga national issue.

• No. Not at all. Nagaland State has become self centered and we have forgotten that the state was created because of the Naga struggle. We should learn to be taking the lead to develop a sense of nationhood.

• No. Absolutely not

• No. There is no sincerity shown by the public while our leaders are struggling for their best.

• No, they don’t accept 95% as Nagas.

• No, Nagaland is the only state where majority Naga live. They should do more and awareness to their young generation. Don’t the elders teach the young one the struggle we all Naga went through or they are only teaching them about their own tribe struggle? I was never taught of it as my own tribe struggle but all Nagas’ struggle. I had a very bad memory of one friend telling me that the 16 tribe in Nagaland are the only Naga which make me question myself on many things. It’s upto the Nagas of Nagaland on how to treat their brothers and sisters in different part of the state, but don’t look down on other state’s Nagas. Don’t forget that the whole Naga contributed in forming of Nagaland state. It was never form just because of Nagas of Nagaland only. Many Naga brothers and sister died for you and me.

• We Nagas of Nagaland really need to wake up and work things out… We’ve slept enough…


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• We have our own problems to worry about within our state before worrying about those beyond our state borders.

• How long should we ask and analyse this question? We should be more focus on IT, Robotics ,Nanotechnology more research Institute and more universities because in the next 30 40 years sovereignty what we demand will become meaningless because the world is becoming more borderless and people are more driven by market forces. We must see the real picture of what is going on in this world. In this cosmopolitan structure why are we talking only about nagas. Is nagas the only communities staying in NE India?

• Only an ism attitude n mentality like me who has never ventured out of the kitchen will boldly declare negative.