Are you convinced that the Government of Nagaland is doing its best to address the road conditions in Nagaland?

Are you convinced that the Government of Nagaland is doing its best to address the road conditions in Nagaland?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, there is political concern. But the problem of the roads faced today is the culmination of so many successive governments that no matter what the present government does it will not be enough. They need to have a proper plan and to get the public involved in the process so that the people know that the government means business.


• Yes of course. Compared to previous years it’s slowly getting better even in our capital area. Horrible for now, but we can see changes are coming.


• It’s a big yes for me by seeing the move of their active works at present. But there’s a big ‘BUT’ because Nagaland Government always have a habit of leaving ‘Undone’ which has been ‘Half Done’…


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Mishandling of Central funds.


• No. When the state government or private companies (if there is any) can’t even put turf or maintain grass in a football field, talking about road condition is non-relevant and laughable. To add to this conversation, just look at all the un-finished buildings and infrastructures in Kohima and Dimapur. Was it not public fund and which was meant to be finished decades ago? Most Nagas and the people living in Nagaland cannot speak up and act for themselves. I doubt it will ever change. Naga population is increasing day by day yet its adding more pressure and economic stress for the Indian government to take care of Nagas. What a pitiful and un-productive groups of people. Wake up!


• No. Bumpy ride is ok for the Government.


• No. Every man who has eye can see and feel the dust. Every ear that hears will hear of bad roads once or twice a day. Everybody that has skin will wash the dust off for a minimum of twice a day. Every vehicle owner change their bushings and springs much faster than other states. All motor mechanics earns more than other states.


• No. How about the promise made by the government to repair the roads in 60 days or 60 Working days? Were they serious? I am not convinced that the government is doing its best.


• No. But the engineer’s should share the blame as well. I keep reading about Naga geologists describing the terrain of Nagaland all the time this topic surfaces. Yet, Nagaland continues to wait for that one engineer who is yet to find a design according to the characteristics of our terrain! ‘Young mountain terrain’ is not an adequate explanation anymore considering the number of civil engineers that Nagaland produces every year.


• No… 60 days turned into 60 working days. Unlikely one will see better road condition even after 60 months.


• What kind of roads? Do we even have roads in Nagaland?


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Why blame the government for everything. Is it also not the fault of the contractors?


• At least this year, the highway between Kisama and By-pass check gate is in for real repair. The retaining wall, the drainage, peeling off the old bitumen layer etc are coming up impressively. But that being said, there’s competition in taking credit so the government will want to take all the credit of contactor Vilelie’s quality works. Anyways, kudos PDA government.


• In order to get a genuine reply, raise this question after Hornbill festival.


• At best this question can/should be answer by the government, since the total amount of money sanction/promise by concern central minister back then in 2015, was ten thousand crore for the state. Had the money being judiciously utilised, the general populace could have bluntly says “Yes” to this opinion poll, thereby the entire road within Nagaland literally would have been plyable/better by now, and such question be absent in public domain for discussion. Subsequently, whether or not the government took it serious to address the road condition apparently lies in their commitment and priorization. People who owned vehicle knows best in a time like this.


• I’m convinced the government is doing its best to loot the public.