Are you satisfied with the quality of ongoing construction and repairing of roads in Nagaland? Why?

Are you satisfied with the quality of ongoing construction and repairing of roads in Nagaland? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Apart from Kohima and Dimapur, I haven’t seen the other roads in Nagaland, so there’s no point giving a general disapproval which most of us tend to do. But as far as the State capital is concerned, there seems to be some genuine quality works going on (in some pockets) wherein the roads are being constructed on a three layer basis. Don’t know much about the technicalities involved but I haven’t seen roads being constructed like that in Kohima for the past 30 odd years of my existence. Let’s hope it can at least withstand one monsoon season. Just a note of appreciation: The road from Razhü point to IG Stadium has lasted for more than 3-4 years without any new layer being laid, so kudos to the contractor(s).

• Yes. Because the process is far better then the previous roads were made as one inch black topping was given and when the monsoon comes the first rain washed it away.

• Satisfied in Kohima.

• Yes to an extent we can see that the new state government is on the job. One can say that there is a massive undertaking.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Before construction and repairing roads first they should make drainage channel a priority Kohima and Dimapur somewhat ok but other districts are nil in drainage which affects the road in monsoon seasons.
No. Just look at the Duncan Road. They repaired portion of the road seemed to have narrowed down. Other cities are broadening the road, but here in Dimapur, they are narrowing it down.

• No, from the beginning of trying to enlarge the roads, the public has suffered the worst. Where is the drainage system, is it even in place? Untold destruction of natural mountains, it seems the company working to enlarge the roads is not aware of how the terrain functions here in these parts, even a common man can observe the engineering blunder being done. Untold dust of mountains arising everyday is not a solace to the struggling common human in Nagaland. Come monsoon and we will soon see fresh-water holes in the middle of the National highway (now Asia Highway). Recruit accountable Nagaland Engineers to foresee the quality of work not quantity (in enlarging the road). For the love of tomorrow, build proper water-ways for rivers and streams to flow, because for roads, water and rains plays havoc. I hope this will be taken care by the road builders and observers.

• No. the work progress is so slow and instead of good road common people are suffering if it doesn’t complete soon people may get health problems…

• No. The Nagaland BWD department in particular and local Naga Contractors in general are not committed for developmental activities, rather they are more concerned for Self-benefits.

• No quality workmanship.

• No, Very Slow In Progress…

• No. Even though half of the roads are getting repaired, it is already cracking. Roads hardly last for a week or two.

• No. Not at all. How can we expect to have a 4 inches blacktop roads (assumption) when the concern contractor(s) /firms just put bitumen/tar on some stone gravels.. And leave the rest for nature as take its course?

• No. Big no… I think only 10% of amount sanctioned were utilised for the purpose.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Some portions of ongoing construction/repairing roads are already showing potholes. But then again this is Nagaland and the roads are the stimuli to make any one plying contemplate. That ‘constructed/repaired’ roads show life is ephemeral and one must make most of it while it last; rest of the roads teach us that life is a struggle and full of suffering and ‘bumps’ and ‘pitfalls’ and ‘potholes’. I am not complaining.

• A long felt need for the progress of a wannabe civilised Nagaland laga Christian manu society has taken flight albeit exposing the communities and the environment to untold miseries presently and awaiting mishaps in the near and far future. Know the price of a kilogram of rice and how to produce it? Know the price of a kilogram of raw natural resources and how to produce them? One has a simpler answer and the other more complex. The more the complex the situation, the more the refined planning and execution is needed. Building a home for one with all the necessary compartments one at a time one year or more at a time, has its benefits. No labour cost as you either build it yourself or have a close friend or relative live with you and help you build the structures over the years at a minimum cost and maximum profit. The only drawback is exposure to all the natural climatic conditions you will face and hence you either live long enough to see that cello- tapped home built or pass it on to your trusted ones to continue doing the same and so on as has been over the many generations. Why does this sound so familiar to something we are talking about right now… we will find out more in the next season of “Game of Defections in Nagaland”.

• Others, for something is better than nothing or better late than never. In contrast with current projects, for Nagaland being 55 years after Statehood, at least should be better quality, better method of construction or engineering like other small or younger states, Govt should not blame seasons or should not depend on seasons for this matter. Road construction should be continued round the clock like Assam govt. Besides, we are still ashamed of our roads. We still don’t have roads comparing to other states and no road means no way to progress..